India-Russia Partnership

India-russia To Hold Their First Ever Strategic Dialogue In July In St Petersburg

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China Removes Import Tariffs On Pharmaceutical Products: India-china Trade Scenario


India’s Foreign Trade Account For April 2018

Exports Dominated In November: Buttressed By Unraveled Gst And Spurred Global Demand

After a brief sluggishness during in previous months, exports rose 30.55% to $26.19 billion in November on account of improved global demand, government incentives and simplification of GST payment mechanism.


Agricultural Trade Negotiations 2017 – Make Or Break For India

Waning quantum of Indian agricultural exports in past couple of years is enervating the India’s position as a net food exporter. With tad value addition in agricultural exports, Indian manufacturers are unable to compete with the agro- processing industries of developed countries like Australia, Canada and economies of EU.


Foreign Trade Policy – Mid Term Review : Must For Waning Fiscal Burden

The much-awaited review of the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) was announced earlier this month by the Commerce Minister extending support to exporters, especially those from leather- intensive sectors, to help deal with implementation burden of the new Goods & Services Tax (GST) regime.

Agriculture Trade

Why 11th Ministerial Meeting Of Wto Is Important For Global Agricultural Trade?

Argentina is scheduled to host the Eleventh Ministerial Conference of the WTO from 10th to 13th December 2017 in Buenos Aires. Ministerial Conference is the decision-making body of the WTO that takes important trade liberalization decisions.

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Slowing Productivity Growth In Developed Countries

Improved momentum in the Chinese economy in the first half of this year due to rising domestic demand has reassured the global growth


Is Green Corridor A New Trade Instrument For The Coming Years?

With trade between Russia and India far below its potential, the two countries are contemplating creating a ‘green corridor’ for the smooth transit of goods. But what is the idea behind this green corridor?


Empowering Steady Synergies – India Korea Financial Dialogue 2017

The world is witnessing a new surge of protectionism, especially from the developed world. It is a period of transforming international relations for the developing ones. With a similar motive, the 5th Korea-India Financial Dialogue, a four day long meet was held on June 17, 2017, in Seoul, South Korea.


Soaring Current Account Deficit Of India

According to the data issued by the Reserve Bank of India, the current account deficit (CAD) of the country narrowed to 0.7 per cent of GDP for the financial year 2016-17 from 1.1 per cent in 2015-16 mainly due to contraction in the trade deficit.


Trilateral To Multilateral: A Scope Of Expanding Markets

Changing geopolitical dimensions in world economy and the attention centered on India’s growth are strong reasons for India to extend its strengths within and around its frontiers. One of the sources to bestow the required strength is ‘Trade’


Box Shifting In Developed Nations And The Need For Special Safeguard Measures

India will be pushing for finalising the work programme for a transparent Special Safeguard Measures (SSM) in the WTO Summit to be held in Argentina this December. SSM allows developing countries to raise import duties on agricultural products in response to import surges.


Integrating Neighbouring Economies To Expand Trade

The easiest market access for most finished goods is in nearby countries; but history, political rivalry, colonial rules and a host of other reasons might have left this natural advantage unexploited. This needs to be nurtured with transport infrastructure and appropriate policies.


Significance Of Regional Economic Integration In Africa- Possibilities For India

Historically, reasons for emergence of regional integration arrangements in Africa were political exigencies and economic needs. It is often argued that India should look at Africa not as an aggregation of individual economies, but of regional blocs.


India’s Thriving Pharmaceutical Industry

India’s pharmaceutical industry is currently brimming with activities. The recent drug and plant approvals received by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has made Cadila Healthcare (Zydus Cadila) the most valuable pharmaceutical company by market capitalisation after Lupin.


India’s Membership In Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) is an intergovernmental organization founded in Shanghai on 15 June 2001 by six countries, People’s Republic of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.


India’s Growing Demand For Solar Panels- Import Substitution Or Optimality?

Indian Solar Manufacturer’s Association (ISMA) has appealed in June 2017 for the third time in five years, to the Directorate General of Anti-Dumping (DGAD), to impose anti-dumping duty on solar panels. This time the application is against China, Malaysia and Taiwan.


Japan-eu Economic Partnership Agreement- A Potential For India To Expand Its Trade?

Japan and the European Union recently announced their agreement on an economic partnership that would form a free-trade zone between the partners as early as 2019. The agreement between the 2nd (EU) and 4th (Japan) ranked countries in terms of nominal GDP is called..


Rethinking India’s Agriculturaldistress

One often misses the paradigm shifts and structural changes happening in agriculture while analyzing its problems. Some issues are ever changing, while some persist. Here, we focus on one such unrelieved stumbling block faced by farmers. Lately, low farm incomes are being..


Implications Of Gst On Textiles Sector

Textiles is one of the most important industries for India in terms of its share in GDP, employment and exports. The industry contributes 2 per cent of GDP, 10 per cent to manufacturing output and 13 per cent of India’s export earnings. On the employment front, it provides 50 million jobs directly, and approximately 60 million indirectly. India’s contribution to total world exports is 5.12 per cent . There is indeed huge scope for an improvement.


South China Sea Dispute- Looming Threat For India

The South China Sea is an important economic and strategic region of Indo- Pacific. It is bordered by Brunei, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. It is a critical commercial gateway for significant portion of world’s merchant shipping.


Implications Of Gst- Gems And Jewellery Sector

Gems and Jewellery sector is one of the fastest growing, export oriented and labour intensive sectors. Its contribution to Indian economy is quite significant. 6 to 7 % of GDP comes from this sector. Its contribution to foreign exchange earning stood at UDS 38.59 billion in 2016.


Amazon Buys Whole Foods: Unfolding Of Opp0rtunities For India

There seems to be no stopping for Amazon. To boost their grocery delivery ambitions, it has acquired Whole Foods for a banging $13.7 billion. Whole Foods is American supermarket chain which is famous for natural and organic foods and is also the first National Certified Organic grocer in the US.


G20 Summit- What Should Be India’s Agenda?

Twelfth G-20 Summit will be held on 7th and 8th July, 2017 in Hamburg, Germany. It’s a premier forum for economic cooperation and to discuss the challenges faced by its member countries. There are many pressing issues which the member countries including India would want to address at the Summit. But it is important to prioritize the issues.


India’s Outlook On The Pursuit Of E-commerce.

E-commerce has been a focal area for WTO this year, as was witnessed during WTO Director General Roberto Azevêdo’s visit to India in February, 2017. Also, many developed countries are wanting to take up this issue in the WTO’s eleventh ministerial meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina in December 2017. In addition, the Aid-for-Trade initiative which was launched at the 2005 Hong Kong WTO Ministerial Conference, and aims to support ..