Let’s not waste, but invest and harvest in solar energy

Jaideep Malaviya, in this interview with IBT, discusses recent advancements in solar cell technology, highlighting the shift from crystalline to advanced options like PERC technology with 18% efficiency.

Jaideep Malaviya has been a professional in solar energy since 1996 and is the Managing Director of Malaviya Solar Energy Consultancy. He is also the Founder and Secretary of the Solar Thermal Federation of India (STFI), the world’s only solar thermal association of manufacturers. He has over 24 years of experience in the solar energy industry as a Consultant, Researcher and Trainer and presented over 100 papers at Indian and International Conferences.

In this episode, he mentions the potential for tandem cells to achieve 28% efficiency and emphasizes the importance of improving efficiency in harnessing solar energy. Mr. Malaviya also touches on diverse solar applications, such as solar water heaters, solar thermal for industrial processes, and cooling solutions for India’s high cooling load. He underscores the role of solar energy in decarbonization and its potential to drive economic growth and job creation

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