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Anindya Mallick, Partner, Deloitte India
Edtech startups can explore a sales-or subscription-based business model

Anindya Mallick, Partner, Deloitte India, opines that key challenges faced by edtech startups include customer and market reach, branding & digital divide....

Nathi Ram Gupta, President, AIREA rice
World saw India as a reliable supplier of rice post-COVID

Nathi Ram Gupta, President, AIREA, is confident of a new record in rice exports in the current financial year due to bans imposed by Thailand and Vietnam, higher production and higher buying by import...

Kapil Malhotra
Featured Interview
PLI scheme could boost prospects for fluoropolymers

Kapil Malhotra, Senior Vice President - Marketing, with Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd, is confident of market revival post-COVID for fluoropolymers across end-use segments including automotive, healthca...

Girish Menon:
Online video streaming, social media & gaming are likely to be most lucrative avenues for brands

Girish Menon, Partner and Head – Media and Entertainment, KPMG in India, opines that online video streaming, social media & gaming are often the only places to reach out to a lot of millennials who ...

Amar Sinha, CEO, Radico Khaitan
Premium Indian IMFL brands are going global

Most of the IMFL premium brands are made of grain spirit which have not only flourished in the country but are gaining recognition oversees....

Paul P John
Promoting Indian malt whisky globally will take a lot of work

Paul P John, CMD, Paul John Single Malts admits that while they are managing to export small quantities for private bottling/blends, Indian aged malt whisky companies will have to work on consistent q...

Vijay Rekhi
Single malt whisky business requires careful study of the economics

Vijay Rekhi, Founder Chairman, Vizanar Alcobev & FMCG Advisors, emphasises that Indian single malt whisky brands are not necessarily inferior, and brands like Paul John and Amrut have garnered acclaim...

Mr. Amit Shah innovation uflex
Agility and innovation will be key in the post-COVID world

Amit Shah, Joint President, Flexible Packaging Business at UFlex, elaborates on how the company quickly bounced back on its operations and delivered benchmark product innovations to fight the COVID-19...

Dr Lalit Khaitan India whiskey market
Indian whiskey brands have an opportunity to move up the ladder

The ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign will give Indian whiskey companies an opportunity to revolutionise the space as they can take calculated steps by understanding better the post–COVID market as wel...

Ashutosh Gupta
Post-COVID, professionals are investing in learning to stay future ready

Ashutosh Gupta, India Country Manager, LinkedIn affirms that professionals have placed their faith in ‘learning’ to grapple with the new post-COVID reality, become future-proof, and stay productiv...

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