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To revive economy, COVID-19 vaccines are the best stimulus

Dr Arindam Bandopadhyay opines that top priority should be given on mass vaccination as well as research on developing medicines for treating COVID-19 patients to overcome the pandemic. Till then, mov...

Indian economy and COVID 2.0: In anticipation of the rising tide

Indian economy has been hit by the second wave of COVID-19, with many restrictions being imposed in different states. Consequently, the demand revival is important as not all the sectors can be booste...

Prof. Nilabja Ghosh
Post-COVID, the Indian economy has to make smart choices

Prof. Nilabja Ghosh asserts that large scale computerization and mechanization, which have accelerated due to COVID-19, will inevitably reduce labour intensity of production techniques that will not b...

Prof Rajeswari Sengupta_TPCI_Economy
Indian economy & Covid-19: Risk aversion may be higher in 2nd wave

Dr Rajeswari Sengupta, Assistant Professor at IGIDR, opines that trend of increased demand from international markets for merchandise goods will continue at least for one more year, which India must l...

Dr D Tripati Rao TPCI Indian economy
Indian economy in the Second Wave: From reversal to resilience!

The road to recovery and sustenance for the Indian economy depends on how well it manages the second wave with a medium- to long- term strategy taking precedence over short-term fiscal Band-Aids....

One District One Product
ODOP: The key to unlocking India’s potential of exports?

With the experience of Uttar Pradesh as inspiration, ODOP has shown the promise to emerge as a major catalyst of export growth across districts. This blog examines the successes made by the scheme so ...

Prof Brajesh Jha
Demand for agricultural labour in India is highly skewed

Prof. Brajesh Jha, Institute of Economic Growth, asserts that labour shortage is a critical issue to be tackled for strengthening India's agriculture sector. He suggests that the non-agricultural sect...

Global economy, COVID vaccine and green shoots of hope

The global economy is showing signs of a revival, yet threats remain. The situation demands greater collaboration between governments, as well as a tightrope balance between curbing public debt and en...

Infrastructure_ TPCI
Union Budget 2021-22: Economic revival on the bedrock of infrastructure

As India endeavours to revive its economy post-COVID, a strong impetus to the infrastructure sector under Union Budget 2021-22 is expected to create strong externalities that will help propel the key ...

Dr. James J. Nedumpara - International Trade and Investment Law TPCI
COVID-19 has alerted economies to self-sufficiency and sustainability

Dr. James J. Nedumpara, Professor and Head of the Centre for International Trade and Investment Law, IIFT, opines that while China is one of the dominant economies at the moment, the COVID-19 pandemic...

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