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Export-oriented Asian economies will benefit from strong Chinese growth
Export-oriented Asian economies will benefit from strong Chinese growth

Speaking about the global growth prospects in 2021, Dr. Devasmita Jena, Assistant Professor, Madras School of Economics states that the Chinese economy rebounded from the pandemic earlier than most ot...

Indian Economy- What has been in Quarter 2?
Indian Economy- What has Quarter 2 brought?

India has entered into recession for the first time since 1996. But, Q2 has shown signs of a comeback for all sectors, except financial, real estate & professional services and public administration, ...

Railways privatisation: Steer the middle course

Railways privatisation is a welcome step to improve capacities and bring in differentiated services for customers. But global experiences show that it is best to approach the exercise in a slower, car...

Indian Labours
Government or industry – Who picks the baton on employment?

The key to reviving employment in India is to spur investment from the industry in low-productivity sectors and further boost the startup ecosystem. In the long-term, the focus needs to be on investme...

The Labour Codes
New labour codes, and the law of abundance

The new labour codes aim to boost enterprise and also provide protection to all classes of workers, including gig and platform workers. But how implementable are these objectives in practice?...

Sundaravalli Narayanaswami logistics
Make in India needs a unified transportation policy & top-class logistics network

Prof. Sundaravalli Narayanaswami, IIM Ahmedabad, believes that India needs a national standard for smart and intelligent logistics - developed and commissioned through the state. Furthermore, the coun...

TPCI_Tripathi Rao economy _900x600
Indian economy needs strong immunity boosters

Prof D. Tripati Rao, IIM Lucknow opines that India needs to swiftly move from fiscal “Band-Aids” to counter-cyclical fiscal boosters to prevent the economy slipping into stagflationary spiral with...

Binod Khadria
Efforts to employ migrants can be linked to Aatmanirbhar Bharat

Prof. Binod Khadria, South Asia Chair, Metropolis Asia, feels that in the long run, efforts to employ migrants into the workforce have to be in coordination with ‘Aatmanirbhar’ mission of self-rel...

India must frame policies for legal, safe and orderly migration

In the long run, COVID-19 will create new opportunities, sectors, categories and corridors. To stay the leading receiver of inward remittances, India needs to promote upskilling of migrants to take up...

COVID-19 & Indian diaspora: An unpleasant homecoming?

India faces a tough challenge in creating decent jobs for returning diaspora post-COVID-19. A multipronged strategy would be needed to resolve this issue, which entails investments in human capital, r...

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