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Indian export pharma and food sector
Mixed bag for India’s exports so far in pandemic year

As India endeavours to stem the decline in exports of key sectors like engineering goods, gems & jewellery, readymade garments and leather, it has an opportunity to capitalise on the positive trend in...

India, port TPCI IBT
Major Port Authorities Bill, 2020: A leap forward for port modernisation

Major Port Authorities, Bill 2020 has been brought in to replace the Major Port Trusts Act of 1963. This would be the biggest structural reform in the port sector aimed at aligning the major ports wit...

Global trade TPCI
Global trade projection: ‘Weak recovery’ over ‘return to trend’

The WTO has slightly improved its forecast for global trade to a decline by 9.2% YoY, led by increased trade in medical and COVID-19 products as well as lifting of lockdowns. However, the recovery cou...

Rashmi Banga Globalisation TPCI
COVID-19 is a chance for more strategic globalisation

Rashmi Banga, Senior Economic Officer, UNCTAD, feels that instead of a recourse to rapid globalisation post-pandemic, the world should look at a balanced approach to address the inherent weaknesses of...

COVID-19 infections, trade recovery and the K-factor

As global trade shows recovery signs, it is critical to address concerns of rising inequalities between wealthy nations and the developing world. These stem primarily from differing capabilities in fi...

Why geography does not work to SAFTA’s benefit

CATR analysis shows that trade within the SAFTA region is still largely geared towards primary commodities, necessitating a change in policy approach towards encouraging technology transfer, skill upg...

India can aspire for self-sufficiency in oilseeds sector

Rising demand, low productivity, market volatility, changing cropping patterns and trade policies have led to a rapid rise in imports of edible oil products, which have surfaced as a crucial policy co...

Trade liberalization
Non-tariff measures: The arch nemesis of free trade

Non-tariff measures have been on a consistent rise, leading to significant costs for exporters. Easing them will be key to a post-COVID recovery, when nationwide lockdowns and supply chain disruptions...

Global Value Chains
Global Value Chains: A critical focus area post-COVID

Strengthening India's backward linkages in global value chains is critical to improve domestic value addition, especially in high end manufactured products. Similarly, India's forward integration is w...

Global Trade
Understanding complex trade dynamics with the Gravity Model

Gravity model analysis shows that global trade is transcending neighbourhood economics, but developing countries like India still struggle with distance barriers....

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