Cross border trade
Cross Border SEZs for Better Border Trade, Commerce & Connectivity

Improving trade, commerce and connectivity through cross border SEZs can result in development and growth of local business communities on both sides as well as promote inter linkages with national an...

Non-tariff barriers_TPCI
Non-tariff measures and recovery from COVID-19

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and its continued presence urged countries to turn inward and primarily safeguard national interests and impose immediate export and import controls through non-tar...

Carbon Border Tax & its impact on India’s foreign trade

While discussing EU's proposed Carbon Border Tax, Dr Saon Ray, Visiting Professor at ICRIER, feels that India must first understand and analyze the idea of the legislation, and its broader implication...

Block chain_TPCI
A blockchain master plan is vital for India’s logistics transformation

Blockchain can give vital insights to streamline the domestic movement of EXIM cargo with the use of a smart contract enabling greater trust and transparency. A smart contract can be tailored to encod...

Import Substitution_TPCI
How successful has been India’s ‘Import Substitution’ Strategy?

Bipin Menon, Development Commissioner, Noida SEZ, believes that import substitution is an inappropriate nomenclature for India's policy thrust, which is primarily enhancement of domestic manufacturing...

Container shortages: How long will the quagmire last?

Container shortages have begun to have a significant impact on export shipments, besides enhancing volatility and causing unprecedented delays. Based on primary inputs from industry on the India-US tr...

Partha Pratim Pal SEZs TPCI
Can SEZs catalyse India’s march towards manufacturing greatness?

India has a clear window of opportunity today to become a global manufacturing hub. SEZs can definitely play a key role in helping India integrate with global value chains. Prof Parthapratim Pal, IIM ...

Supply Chain Disruptions: A Revival of ‘Make in India’?

Prof Manoj Pant and Samridhi Bimal argue that for post-COVID realisation of the Make in India vision, greater liberalization of FDI policies needs to be complemented with greater liberalization of tra...

SEZ Manufcturing
Revamping SEZ policy will support Aatmanirbhar Bharat

India needs to urgently revamp its SEZ policy, as the mandatory requirement on net foreign exchange earnings makes it a subsidy that's non-compliant to the WTO. Dr Arpita Mukherjee, Professor at ICRIE...

India’s merchandise trade: Recovering from pandemic blues

India’s trade of goods over the past fiscal year has experienced a lot of fluctuations owing to factors like supply chain disruptions at a massive scale, cancellation of orders and overall fall in c...

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