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India steel sector
Steel sector: A relook at FTAs with Japan & South Korea

India's steel industry faces disadvantages due to FTAs with Japan and South Korea despite being the most cost competitive among major global steel producers. It is important for the government to rene...

Health food TPCI
Living life bite size: Healthy snacking in the post-COVID world

COVID-19 has precipitated a definitive shift towards healthy snacking habits across global consumers, a trend corroborated by industry inputs as well as export data. Indian companies should leverage t...

Budget’21 should have demand creating measures for the EV industry TPCI.
2021 will be a breakthrough year for the EV industry

Rohan Rao, Partner – Industrial and Automotive, KPMG in India, opines that 2021 will be a breakthrough year for the EV industry, which will see the coming of age of EV ecosystem. This year will see ...

Tesla’s entry will provide a boost to the Indian EV industry

Deepak MV, CEO & Co-founder, Etrio feels that 2021 will be an interesting year for electric vehicles (EVs) in India and the introduction of voluntary scrappage policy in the budget is a welcome move f...

Analysing India’s Export Performance of Capital Goods - TPCI IBT
Capital goods exports: Missing the punch?

India’s exports of capital goods increased by almost US$ 23 billion till 2018. But during the same time frame, imports proliferated by US$ 68.7 billion, which is roughly three times. To develop as a...

Sugar industry in 2021: From sweetness to mobility

Buoyed by government incentives, a shift to ethanol can bring stellar gains and more sustainability to the Indian sugar sector in 2021, especially as economies revive and crude prices surge....

Indian food processing industry needs to focus on good hygiene practices

Vijay Agarwal, Director Exports, PANSARI Group, shares the 8 decade long journey of his family owned brand, which is now present in 42 nations across the globe. He opines that Indian food processing i...

Talod Food Products: Global in ambitions, ethnic in spirit

Talod Foods’ vision of providing consumers with its ready to cook food products with uncompromised and exquisite authenticity of traditional Indian recipes have been core to the brand’s phenomenal...

Agrochemicals TPCI
Agrochemicals: New avenues for growth

India is the fifth largest producer and importer of agrochemicals. However, it needs to strengthen its presence in the herbicide segment, which is among the fastest growing segments in the industry gl...

Reorienting SEZs for a self-reliant India

india, IT, manufacturing, China, infrastructure, ease of doing business DTA, export...

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