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Smart meters: Powering a Rs 65,000 crore opportunity

With the government giving a strong push to a nationwide programme for installing 250 million smart meters, the industry has a major business opportunity. However, interoperability issues with traditi...

TPCI Whiskey
Malt spirit production in India is hampered by a difficult regulatory environment

India’s success as large exporter of high-quality malt spirits depends on getting other nations to reduce non-tariff barriers on Indian exports....

Whiskey Breveries
Indian whisky industry: Too early to say cheers?

A number of Indian origin blended/single malt spirits are taking the world by storm. Yet, it lags behind the likes of UK & USA in the global spirits race....

Auto Showroom
Is the automotive sector back on the road to recovery?

The automotive sector is witnessing strong growth in Q2, 2020-21. But the growth is from a low base last year, and its sustainability is closely linked to how the economy fares and consumers respond. ...

Harley Davidson
Case of sour mangoes? The unremarkable foray of Harley-Davidson in India

Despite starting with much fanfare, Harley-Davidson's India foray only seemed to benefit its competition. Beyond being a bargaining chip in Indo-US trade relations, it's stint is a ready reckoner on h...

TPCI- Poultry Sector
Poultry Sector: Count your chicken before they hatch!

To address challenges faced by the poultry sector in international trade, India needs to scale up skill development programmes, improve cost competitiveness by boosting production of animal feed and b...

Indian Defence
Defence Acquisition Procedure 2020: Will it smooth the path for self reliance?

Defence Acquisition Procedure 2020 tries to simplify purchases with a focus on domestic capability. However, India needs a simultaneous push towards R&D investments and building a robust export market...

TPCI_Amar_sapra logistics 900x600
Digitisation of logistics must be consistent with corporate strategy

IIM Bangalore’s Prof. Amar Sapra suggests that before implementing digitisation of the logistics network, companies should endeavour to maximise the benefits from traditional supply chain planning -...

Brahmos Missile
Indian defence industry: Walking the tightrope between self-defence and self-reliance

India must be more strategic with its goals for self-reliance in the defence sector, with careful planning of future needs and effective participation from domestic and foreign players. This can be en...

India’s toy story: Time to write a new chapter?

The Indian toy industry will have to enhance speed of execution, scale of production & infrastructure for innovative & feature-filled toys and games that compete in the domestic and global market. ...

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