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India’s trade with Mexico: Transcending geography

India’s present economic and trade engagement with Mexico has shown impressive improvements.  It is now time to enter a new era of partnership that hinges on deeper economic ties and mutual coopera...

Indo-US ties under Biden: Retrieving the momentum

Indo-US relations may remain complex under the Joe Biden administration, even as the former can expect a more pragmatic and 'multilateral' approach on trade issues. However, in the aftermath of the pa...

India & Bangladesh – Moving Together to the East

The present year is a momentous one for India and Bangladesh, as they celebrate fifty years of the latter's independence and bilateral diplomatic ties. It is important for them to address constraints ...

India-UK Economic Ties: Towards a Shared Prosperity

The marvellous successes that India and UK have exhibited all these years only scratch the surface of the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. Exciting developments wait to unfold that would bind th...

India-UK agricultural trade
India-UK Enhancing Collaboration in Food Products: Status, Issues and Way Forward

Given that consumers in India and the UK are willing to adopt each other’s cuisines, there is a potential for enhancing India-UK bilateral agri trade. This paper by Prof Arpita Mukherjee and Nibha B...

New‌ ‌Zealand‌ ‌Economy-‌ ‌Trade‌ ‌Relations‌ ‌with‌ the ‌Indian‌ ‌economy
India & New Zealand: A case of untapped complementarity

Addressing India’s trade issues in the New Zealand market, particularly on preferential tariffs and regulatory standards, can help in deepening the bilateral trading relationship. In addition, techn...

Brazil economy - What has helped it?
Brazil economy – early riser in the post-pandemic race?

Brazil has shown a relatively faster revival in its manufacturing sector led by a strong government stimulus to boost local employment, consumer demand and industrial growth. But will this eventually ...

TPCI Countr Profile- Indonesia
India-Indonesia trade: Time for a strong expression of intent

India and Indonesia plan to double bilateral trade by 2025. But removal of import barriers on key products & ensuring a level playing field for Indian exporters in the ASEAN market will be key to achi...

A return to basics for the French economy

With a severe GDP decline by 13.8% in Q2, 2020, the French economy is more geared towards essentials, as indicated in its consumption and import trends. An expansionary fiscal policy will be necessary...

Poland has a well-developed R&D and startup ecosystem

Ada Dyndo, Head of Foreign Trade Office in Mumbai, Polish Investment and Trade Agency talks about trade and investment opportunities between India and Poland. She emphasises that Poland is one of the ...

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