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India-Canada trade deal: The new chapter begins

Through the India-Canada trade deal, it is expected that the two countries will work to enhance cooperation in sectors such as agro-products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, footwear, textiles, automobile...

India-Australia Trade Agreement
India-Australia Trade Pact: An Opportunity to Unlock Potential

India and Australia are looking forward to further bilateral trade and economic ties by signing a Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) towards the end of 2022. This article discusses so...

India-UAE F and B_TPCI
India-UAE trade agreement and the F&B sector

The India-UAE trade agreement is expected to boost agri exports by US$ 850 million in over five years. But there is much more that India can explore with the UAE beyond trade, considering the latter...

Can India-Denmark GSP inspire rapid green transitions in developing countries?

India-Denmark Green Strategic Partnership (GSP) aims to build on the existing linkages to tackle the daunting challenge of Climate Change and deliver on Sustainable Development Goals. It has the poten...

India and Romania: Advancing synergies

Mrs. Daniela Sezonov Tane, Ambassador of Romania, deliberates on advancing trade and investment synergies for Indian IT companies in Romania, while companies from Romania look for opportunities to ent...

Central and East Europe: The unexplored facet of EU

India-Central and Eastern Europe have come a long way. Yet a closer look at their trade ties depicts that they have a tremendous untapped trade potential....

India-Mauritius CECPA: Opportunities & Implications

HE Ms S. B. Hanoomanjee, High Commissioner of Mauritius highlights some of the major advantages under the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation and Partnership Agreement (CECPA) recently signed between M...

Vietnam is becoming more appealing to Indian investors

HE Pham Sanh Chau, Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to India, highlights how India and Vietnam are moving towards a more balanced trade relationship, and also expresses his views on the...

Rohit Singh_UK_TPCI
India-UK FTA negotiations to realise full potential

Rohit Singh, Director at UK-India Business Council, feels that UK businesses’ willingness to embrace the Aatmanirbhar Bharat initiative demonstrates a strong commitment to India. At the same time, h...

Indian exporters and the Afghan quagmire

As Afghanistan fell into the hands of the Taliban, Indian exporters are rattled as the new administration has blocked land trade routes & left them uncertain about receiving their payments. While this...

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