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Professor Manoj Pant, Director, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
Companies are the main actors in global trade today, instead of countries

Prof Manoj Pant, Director, IIFT, opines that global trade has changed a lot, even though we’re still negotiating multilateral agreements based on dated trade patterns. Now companies are major actors...

Sunitha Raju IIFT
Post-COVID, India is uniquely positioned to improve its exports

Dr Sunitha Raju, IIFT, explains why India has high potential to improve trade post-COVID, given prospects of faster recovery in advanced economies and high income elasticity of its exports. Moreover, ...

Prof. P Rameshan, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode
COVID-19 could set back globalisation clock by 5-10 years

Prof. P Rameshan, IIM-K, opines that regional free-trade agreements are within the spirit of WTO agreements as they predate global FTAs....

TPCI Brand Marketing
Brands need to have a very good inbound marketing

Digital marketing allows marketers to map the digital behaviour of their consumers and hence market their goods efficiently....

Jagdish N. Sheth Manufacturing
Revitalising Indian manufacturing: Modernisation of home, farm and factory

Prof Jagdish Sheth suggests that India must prioritise modernising the farm, strengthening consumer-facing sectors and making its factories smart to progress towards the higher end of the manufacturin...

Nandu Nandkishore TPCI skills
Iceberg ahead! What the post-COVID era portends for jobs, education & societies

Nandu Nandkishore, Professor, Indian School of Business, cautions that new technologies, particularly automation and AI, promise a highly uncertain future for jobs. Individuals and societies that try ...

SEO won’t reap as many dividends in the COVID age as before

Prof. Anuj Kapoor, IIM Ahmedabad opines that consumers have more time in hand and they can easily go through their organic search....

Venkatesh (Venky) Shankar
Even post-lockdown, digital media is here to stay

Dr. Venkatesh (Venky) Shankar opines that a synergistic approach to advertising across media is needed to engage and serve the customers creatively and seamlessly. Having said that, he adds that as In...

Prof Veena Kumar
Automotive marketing post-COVID: Accelerate, brake, clutch, accelerate

Prof Veena Kumar, Director, Competitive Edge Consultants, examines the evolving customer behaviour post-pandemic and the response of automotive companies. She advises players to emphasise on empathy, ...

Sunitha-Raju economy TPCI
New normal for Indian economy entails push towards supply chain resilience & digital technology

After the sharp fall in GDP in the first quarter, projections indicate that India's economy is expected to return to positive growth only in 2021-22. While Dr Sunitha Raju, Indian Institute of Foreign...

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