India-Australia CECA should comprehensively cover goods, services & investment

Amb Anil Wadhwa, Former Secretary (East), Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India emphasizes the need of including services both in an early harvest as well as in comprehensive agreement wit...

Indian F&B exporters can utilise UAE as a springboard to the MENA region

Dr Aman Puri, Consul General of India, Dubai, believes that this a critical inflexion point for India-UAE trade and investment relations in the F&B sector. To make the best of this opportunity, Indian...

HE Piyush Srivastava, Ambassador of India to Bahrain
India and Bahrain should look for technology partnerships

HE Shri Piyush Srivastava, Ambassador of India to Bahrain, deliberates on post-COVID trade and investment synergies for Indian companies in Bahrain, with a specific emphasis on engineering and F&B sec...

Suresh Reddy, Ambassador of India to Brazil
Brazil’s private sector is actively looking at Indian companies for partnerships

HE Suresh Reddy, Ambassador of India to Brazil, feels that as two large, intensely dynamic, and private sector-led economies, the economic engagement between India and Brazil is well below potential. ...

India-UK Free Trade Agreement: A question of quid pro quo

Dr Arpita Mukherjee, Professor at ICRIER, opines that while negotiating trade agreement talks with the UK, India needs to carefully consider what it is willing to offer in return for greater market ac...

HE Mr. Federico Salas Lotfe, Ambassador of Mexico to India_TPCI
India and Mexico have the dynamics for a strategic relationship

H.E. Federico Salas Lotfe, Ambassador of Mexico to India, emphasises the strong complementarities and similar economic dynamism that are driving greater India-Mexico trade relations, which have alread...

HE Dr Ausaf Sayed Ambassador of India to Saudi Arabia
Enhancing tourism collaboration between India & Saudi Arabia

HE Dr Ausaf Sayeed, Ambassador of India to Saudi Arabia, explains why, as strategic partners, India and Saudi Arabia have a lot to gain from boosting their respective tourism sectors through mutual co...

Shipping Crisis: Is the US-China combo the driving factor catalyzed by the pandemic?

The quarantining of containers owing to the COVID-19 pandemic & the blockage of the Suez canal served as a prelude to the current shipping crisis. To add to this situation, was the flow of containers ...

TPCI_Rama-Mohan-Reddy SEZs
SEZs: The engines of India’s economic growth

ARM Reddy, Zonal Development Commissioner, Vishakhapatnam opines that operational SEZs in India have propelled its exports, boosted investments and generated employment opportunities as minimum invest...

Equalisation Levy_TPCI
Equalization levy helped India to gain revenue from international deals

Rajiv Luthra and Sumit Mangal, Luthra & Luthra Law Offices, opine that equalization levy is a good source of revenue for India. They add that the threshold for applicability of equalization levy is lo...

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