Anand Mirani_TPCI
With e-commerce exports, every business has the opportunity to tap the global market

Anand Mirani, Director & Lead Advisor, ​Simplus Exim & Corporate Advisory LLP, discusses the amazing opportunities that MSMEs can leverage with e-commerce exports to build strong international marke...

Logistics Evolution: Charting India’s Course as a Global Transshipment Hub

Dr Deepankar Sinha discusses the criticality of logistics management to smooth functioning of trade, current state of the logistics industry in India, growing role of technology, the growing emphasis ...

Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan_TPCI
Taxing cross border digital transmissions may not be acceptable to MSMEs

In this exclusive conversation with India Business & Trade under its K-Hub series, Dr. Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan, Fellow and Former Head, Trade, Commerce and Strategic Economic Dialogue, NITI Aay...

Addressing the ultra-processed food challenge in global trade

Dr. Arpita Mukherjee, Professor, ICRIER, and renowned trade economist, delves into the complex landscape of processed and ultra-processed foods in a candid interview with IBT. She sheds light on the e...

T S Vishwanath_trade_TPCI
India’s growing trade competitiveness amid shifting dynamics

In a recent exclusive interview undertaken under IBT's K-Hub series, T.S. Vishwanath, Co-Founder & Partner, Vekommunicate and an esteemed expert in international trade and policies, shares profound in...

Kerala tourism
Kerala’s traditional and modern industries contributing to its growth

Dr. Santosh Kumar engages in a conversation with India Business and Trade, discusses the current state of Kerala's economy, highlighting its strengths, such as a high per-capita income and robust soci...

TPCI_Freddy Svane
India-Denmark Green Strategic Partnership can inspire the world

His Excellency Freddy Svane, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark to India firmly believes that “there is no lasting solution to the global challenges that we (as a planet) can imagine without India...

Integrating value addition with MSP to address post-harvest losses

Bhuvana, an agricultural economist, says in a conversation with India Business and Trade that the lack of post-harvest processing, wastage is a serious matter in Indian agriculture. Tackling this prob...

Prof. Nilabja Ghosh
Food processing can drive rural and agricultural development in India

The food processing industry has the substantial potential to contribute to India's rural and agricultural development through investment, innovation, supply chain modernization, and global market exp...

Deciphering the Impact of US Fed’s Rate Hike on India’s Market Sentiment and Foreign Investment

Despite global concerns about the impact of US rate hikes, India's robust growth trajectory, structural improvements, and demographic advantage continue to make it an attractive destination for foreig...

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