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Servicification of manufacturing: Designing the right incentives

India's SEZ policy has not been able to link incentives with servicification to enhance the global competitiveness of manufacturing units. Subsidising services used in manufacturing for exports is a c...

The IP waiver is an ideological answer to a real-world situation

Dr. Yogesh Pai, Assistant Professor of Law and Co-Director, Centre for Innovation, IP and Competition, National Law Univeristy, opines that the IP waiver proposal reflects on the failure of the global...

Satwik Shekhar
Make manufacturing of the vaccine in India attractive

Satwik Shekhar, Legal Consultant (Assistant Professor), CTIL, IIFT, opines that smooth functioning of the supply chain and the IPR waivers are critical to ensure global vaccine equity. He adds that th...

India should explore the possibility of hydrogen exports

Tirtha Biswas, Program Lead, Council on Energy, Environment and Water, opines that industry should be incentivized to invest in the hydrogen economy. With the right investments and policies, India wil...

Ankita Kar
Jammu & Kashmir: The food paradise

Known for its exquisite landscapes and rich agro-diversity, Jammu & Kashmir offers a veritable treasure trove of opportunities to F&B businesses....

Rashmi Banga, Senior Economic Officer, UNCTAD
Pharma industry is backing vaccine nationalism

Dr Rashmi Banga, Senior Economic Affairs Officer, UNCTAD, states that to move towards global vaccine equity, it is important for the governments to declare vaccines as a public good and not allow phar...

ODOP can include the GI products

Dr Arpita Mukherjee, Professor at ICRIER, asserts that if multiple schemes are aligned with the One District One Product (ODOP) scheme, the benefits are likely to be more. For example, more products c...

Dr D Tripati Rao TPCI Indian economy
Corporatising local businesses: Key to ODOP success

Prof D. Tripati Rao, IIM Lucknow, in this interview opines that One District One Product (ODOP) scheme needs two wings of skilled labour force and financing capital through institutional design as an ...

Navneet Sehgal, Additional Chief Secretary,Information,MSME, Export Promotion,Khadi & Village Industry, Govt of Uttar Pradesh
ODOP helped UP’s exports rise 38% in last 3 yrs

Navneet Sehgal, Additional Chief Secretary, Information, MSME, Export Promotion, Khadi & Village Industry, Govt of Uttar Pradesh, cites the examples of cities like Agra, Sambhal and Moradabad and expl...

Professor Manoj Pant, Director, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
COVID-19 & the IPR waiver: Will it work?

Prof Manoj Pant, Director, IIFT, argues that for once, the IPR waiver on COVID vaccines should be taken as a non-political necessity in response to a once-in-a-decade event. The long term political op...

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