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Laptop import ristriction
India’s Laptop Import Restrictions: Right Path or Risky Gamble?

The Government of India announced import restrictions on laptops, tablets, all-in-one PCs, ultra-small form factor computers, and servers on August 3, 2023. According to the government's directive, th...

Edible oil
Are India’s rising edible oil imports a cause for concern?

India's edible oil imports surged by 22.29% during the first half of 2022–23, reaching 80.02 lakh metric tons (LT) from November to April....

papaya export
Boosting papaya exports to Europe

Global papaya exports generated a revenue of $330 million, with Mexico leading the way as the top exporter, accounting for one-third of the total exports. Although India holds the title of the largest...

Beauty products_pexels
India to Russia: Exploring export potential of beauty products

The relationship between India and Russia in the beauty industry is thriving, with Indian beauty products finding a welcoming market in Russia. The alignment of consumer preferences, such as the deman...

Honey exports_TPCI
Honey exports: The hunt for India’s sweet spot

India is the 7th largest producer and exporter of honey in the world. It exported 74,413.05 MT of natural honey in 2021-22, valued at US$ 163.77 million. TPCI's research division analyses Indian honey...

India & China: Nothing that a cup of Indian tea can’t fix!

India's black tea varieties, particularly Darjeeling and Assam are finding increasing acceptance among Chinese customers. China has doubled tea exports in the past 6 years, and leading exporters like ...

Menthol exports: Is India’s dominance under threat?

India's menthol exports have steadily grown since the mid-2000's and the country has become a dominant player in the global market. However, the rise of the synthetic menthol market poses a potentiall...

Ayurveda: A US$ 10 billion export opportunity

Indian Ayurvedic products' share is only 2% of the global herbal market, while with the same bio-diversity and ancient culture, China has 13% share. Through increasing the share of value-added product...

India’s rice exports: What’s fuelling the dominance?

India has maintained its dominance in rice exports this year, as it retains its competitive advantages despite a temporary export ban. In this analysis, TPCI's research team takes a closer look at the...

Cashew industry: Is the tide turning?

India, being the second largest exporter of cashews after Vietnam, has seen a negative CAGR of 16% between 2017 and 2021, in line with the global trend. But the industry needs to tackle key concerns o...

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