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Indian dairy sector on a road to resilience

There is a need for investment in training and capacity building especially for the small and marginal dairy farmers to catalyze Indian dairy production and exports....

Moringa: On track for an export surge?

Due to growing recognition of the health benefits of the Moringa plant, India stands to gain significantly as the largest exporter of the product. Exporters must actively ensure compliance to standard...

Oxygen shortage_TPCI
Oxygen Shortage: A crisis that breeds an opportunity

Government and private sector are striving to boost supply & ease logistics for oxygen in hospitals. Besides handling this tough crisis, the improved capacity may also prove to be vital to overseas ma...

Export of cannabis derivatives: A big opportunity for India

Cannabis  has a huge export potential as various industries such as food and beverage, personal care and cosmetics and pharmaceuticals are taking advantage of its multiple properties. To promote CBD ...

Cumin seeds exports: Sailing with the tide

India has emerged the largest exporter of cumin seeds globally in the past few years, accounting for 75% of world exports. Boosting exports further would require capping of domestic prices and educati...

Black pepper export: Reviving a lost legacy
Black pepper export: Reviving a lost legacy

Indian black pepper is undergoing a vicious cycle of declining production and cheap imports. This necessitates urgent measures to stem the drop in production and instill confidence in the farming comm...

Asafoetida finally acquires Indian roots

Asafoetida or heeng has been a staple of Indian kitchens as well as Ayurvedic medicine. But unknown to many, it has never been a part of India's rich agricultural bouquet. Recent efforts to finally gr...

Rice Export
A silver lining for Indian rice exports?

Rice exporters of India are expecting a windfall as Thailand and Vietnam suffer from droughts and crop losses respectively. However, the loss of access to the Iranian market for Basmati rice along wit...

N 95 Masks
Potential export windfall for N-95 mask makers

A number of businesses had pivoted to the manufacturing of PPE kits during the lockdown period. Now, the lifting of export restrictions on N-95 masks could raise exports by Rs 1,000 crore annually, ac...

Cotton trade: Spring season for the summer fabric?

As COVID-19 struck, millers have significantly cut on their demand for raw cotton as consumer interest in apparel fell sharply. But tthe global shift to less-polluting industries might help cotton ta...

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