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Gig economy: A positive thrust for India’s demographic dividend

As work from home gained momentum in 2020, it boosted the already emerging gig economy and hybrid work force. If backed by a robust infrastructure and well-drafted laws, the gig economy is sure to cre...

Indian IT industry: Combating the pandemic and beyond

While the Indian IT sector is showing robust growth prospects, it needs to invest more in digital skills and improve its share in markets beyond the US and the UK....

Indian Education
Higher education exports: The missing ingredient

While India may be the second largest services exporting developing economy after China, it does not feature at the top in the list of best education service exporting economies. Offering quality assu...

Anupam Narula
Educational institutes can go either digital or dark

Dr. Anupam Narula, Professor at Amity University, asserts that the pandemic has come as a reality check for educational institutions reluctant to recognise and embrace the disruptive impact of digital...

Indian students in US TPCI
Higher education: A pathway to economic development

India needs to focus on strategies to improve student-teacher ratio, enhance academic research in new age technologies and provide livelihood opportunities to students exploring the country in order t...

Food delivery
Virtual dining: The new normal in the Indian F&B industry

The F&B industry in India and across the globe embraced a virtual shift, amidst the unprecedented restaurant closures and lockdowns owing to the pandemic. Thus, models like virtual restaurants or clou...

India, medical tourism, TPCI
Seize the Opportunity in Medical Tourism post Covid19

The huge backlog of elective surgeries in markets across the globe presents the Indian medical tourism sector with an unprecedented opportunity. India should ramp up on hospitals with JCI accreditatio...

Healthcare spending in the budget
Healthcare spending in the budget: Stepping stone to good economics

The Indian government has hiked allocation on healthcare sector dramatically (by 137% yoy rise), although a good part of this will go towards the much-needed COVID-19 vaccination (INR 35,000 crores). ...

Indian aviation sector Caught in the pandemic headwinds
Indian aviation sector: Can 2021 stem the turbulence?

It is being hoped that India’s domestic civil aviation sector will show signs of a revival over the coming months. But given developments like the emergence of a new mutant of COVID-19 virus, is thi...

Prof Veena Kumar insurance
How the pandemic remodelled the insurance industry

COVID-19 has led to a paradigm shift in customer awareness, perception and product preference patterns for insurance products. Prof Veena Kumar, Director, Competitive Edge Consultants, explains why th...

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