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debt collection credgencis
Debt collections, recovery landscape in India is multifaceted

India Business and Trade spoke with Mr. Anand Agarwal, Co-Founder & CPTO, Credgenics, on the prevailing digital framework in debt collections in the country. He said that by using sophisticated AI-ML ...

Fintech Startups Reshaping Finance: Embracing the Wave of Change

Evolving needs and the technological surge has forged an environment ripe for the inception of groundbreaking disruptions within the fintech Industry. Its scope of expansion extends widely, touching n...

Liz Thomas Predictive Analytics
Predictive risk management, predictive analytics is the way forward

India Business and Trade spoke with Liz Thomas, Director, RoadE Labs Pvt. Ltd. explained predictive risk management and predictive analytics is the way forward for businesses in India to stay relevant...

regulation technology
Microscopic oversight a barrier to job creation, business growth

India Business and Trade spoke with Rishi Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO, TeamLease RegTech, on the various aspects of regulation technologies, including technological advancements in the field and the n...

What fueled India’s electronics market surge in 1st half of 2023?

In 1st half of 2023, India's consumer electronics market grew 8%, led by TCG and smartphones with advanced features....

AIDC QR Code JP Mishra
Next evolution of scanning will be from QR code to RFID

JP Mishra - Country Manager- India, Newland AIDC, spoke with India Business and Trade, on the myth surrounding barcode scanning technology in India. He says that it is time for small and micro-enterpr...

Tier 2 cities scaling up to be India’s new technology hubs

The rapid development of infrastructure, skill diversity, increasing start-up presence, and several governmental initiatives like smart cities, tech parks, and incubation centres, are enabling emergin...

India is embracing new-age technologies in AI Holograms, AR/VR, and beyond

Tagbin is a pioneering tech-driven organization that seamlessly blends creativity with cutting-edge technology to craft immersive and enlightening experiences. Saurav Bhaik, the CEO and Founder of Tag...

Trezix SaaS import export
SaaS to significantly enhance trade experience

India Business and Trade spoke with Mr. Haresh Calcuttawala, CEO and Co-Founder of Trezix, on the rapid adoption of SaaS technology in different industries in India. Mr. Calcuttawala says that Indian ...

OpenAI launched ChatGPT Enterprise revolutionises businesses operations

OpenAI introduced ChatGPT Enterprise, a corporate version of their advanced language model, GPT-4, on August 28, 2023. This upgraded tool offers unlimited GPT-4 access, higher speed, longer context wi...

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