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Prof. Dr. Vandana Sonwaney, Director, SIOM
Edtech startups can help bridge the gaps in Indian education system

Edtech start-ups design their products on education life cycle and not on individual learning cycle. This impacts not just teaching but also learning....

Unmish Parthasarthi, Founder -Singapore-based growth practice Picture Board Partners
Consumer attention to content is increasingly fragmented

Unmish Parthasarthi, the Founder of Singapore-based growth practice Picture Board Partners, believes that the fragmentation of attention to content requires us to adopt remote production technologies ...

How Influencers reshaped Marketing during Covid-19
How Influencers reshaped Marketing during Covid-19

Expected to become a $10 billion-dollar industry by end of 2020, influencer marketing is adopted by an increasing number of brands and marketers due to the way it impacts people. Creating and executin...

Digital India
Digital payments: A game changer for Indian MSMEs?

Growth in digital payments is proving beneficial for India's MSME sector in particular, enabling them to ensure transactional convenience & security and widen their customer base....

Indian edtech: Are we celebrating too soon?

Indian edtech has seen a surge in fortunes post-COVID, but startups & investors must factor in unique intricacies of the business model to be able to outlive the pandemic. Besides, companies have to l...

Google playing ‘smart’, but not ‘fair’?

Google has come face to face with its fourth regulatory challenge in India, this time in the smart TV market. Meanwhile, numerous startup developers led by Paytm are planning to join forces to combat ...

Telemedicine sector tpci
Is telemedicine the panacea that healthcare needs?

COVID-19 has led to a rapid adoption of telemedicine in India, but the model still faces challenges on language, trust data confidentiality, licensing, perception of impersonal care, information overl...

Automation TPCI
Automation of the workforce: Opportunity or calamity?

Automation could have little impact on jobs in the immediate future, but it's important for employees to acquire essential skills and equip themselves to work with new technologies. ...

Digital Manufacturing
Digital manufacturing: Key to make India world’s next factory

To make India world’s next factory, it needs to assume greater self-control over its national value chain by embracing shift towards digital manufacturing....

COVID-19: Driving new shifts in India’s ride hailing ecosystem

Managing short-term disruption, building consumer confidence, and keeping an eye on paradigm shifts in the urban mobility ecosystem and consumer dynamics will be key for ride hailing companies post-pa...

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