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Farming with a “glocal” mission

Born in 2020, Indi Farmers believes in directly & ethically sourcing products from technologically empowered farmers and delivering them to the customers’ door steps. Its business model has various ...

Will 2021 be the game changer for cross border e-commerce
Will 2021 be the game changer for cross border e-commerce?

India's e-commerce sector grew by leaps & bounds since April 2020 and is now 9th globally in cross border growth. This article analyses what benefits does cross border e-commerce trade have for Indian...

data driven marketing
Privacy Paradox: Lessons for SMEs

Prof Anuj Kapoor and Pankaj Kumar opine that SMEs should overcome concerns related to privacy by designing unique products, and building transparency....

Remote working provides boost to cloud computing

Sid Nag, VP Analyst, Cloud Services, Gartner, Inc, advises cloud service providers to prepare for the new normal of a more permanent remote workforce in the rebound phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Clo...

Cloud computing TPCI 1
Digitally determined SMEs are leveraging public cloud

Rishu Sharma, Principal Analyst, Cloud & Artificial Intelligence, IDC India, surmises that budget limitations and need to meet up with capacities are among the top drivers for the SMBs to adopt cloud....

Cyber Security - Immunity
Cybersecurity: The new corporate DNA?

As remote work became the new normal in the face of COVID-19, companies became soft targets for hacktivists as their employees worked in less secure work environments. In order to deal with this situa...

Think Leaders
“We are in an era of content, community and commerce”

Anirudh Singla, Founder & CEO, Pepper, shares insights on the ‘content divide’ that businesses face today (especially in the post-COVID context), and how a content marketplace like Pepper can bett...

Ashutosh Sharma, VP & Research Director, Forrester
With cloud computing, SMEs can overcome tech deficiencies

Ashutosh Sharma, VP & Research Director, Forrester, feels that the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the assumptions of IT leaders around the resilience and scalability of their IT infrastructure. This...

Prof. Dr. Vandana Sonwaney, Director, SIOM
Edtech startups can help bridge the gaps in Indian education system

Edtech start-ups design their products on education life cycle and not on individual learning cycle. This impacts not just teaching but also learning....

Unmish Parthasarthi, Founder -Singapore-based growth practice Picture Board Partners
Consumer attention to content is increasingly fragmented

Unmish Parthasarthi, the Founder of Singapore-based growth practice Picture Board Partners, believes that the fragmentation of attention to content requires us to adopt remote production technologies ...

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