COVID 2.0 and Indian economy: Opportunities amidst the crisis

Mitali Nikore, Founder, Nikore Associates, dives deep into how the Indian economy is faring – from witnessing green shoots of recovery and showing strong consumer confidence (projected GDP growth rates of 11%) just about a month ago, to a situation where it is facing the double whammy of the lockdowns as well as the virus itself.

She also reveals very interesting insignts, garnered by data, on how the crisis is impacting different sectors (including the outperformers), employment as well as the urban and rural economies. Further, she proposes key policy focus areas that could help revive the economy over the coming 2-year horizon, touching on areas like social protection and income support (especially women), support for farmers & MSMEs, investing in long term COVID care, identifying sectors that can drive recovery and strengthening physical and digital infrastructure.

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