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Organic food sector: On the cusp of expansion

Being home to 30% of world organic producers, India's organic food sector has shown significant progress during 2017-20 with its production increasing at a CAGR of 19.05% and consumption increasing at...

Consumer goods trade
India’s consumer goods exports: At an inflexion point?

With policies that focus on sales performance and enhanced ease of doing business, India can aspire to replicate Chinese success in consumer goods....

Inorganic chemicals: On the expansion trail

India ranked 6th among leading importers of inorganic chemicals, while it ranked 17th among the leading exporters. The industry is expecting strong growth headwinds in the coming years due to the grow...

Intermediate goods trade A reflection of GVC participation TPCI IBT
Intermediate goods trade: A reflection of GVC participation

India needs to enhance its trade in intermediate goods through removal of infrastructure bottlenecks, investments in skilling, enhancing of scale economies and supporting MSMEs to tap global markets.....

Foreign trade, 2015-19_TPCI
A chronicle of India’s export journey during FTP 2015-20

India's share in global exports has grown marginally from 1.6% to 1.7% during 2015-19, with both exports and imports growing at a CAGR of 5.2%. The upcoming FTP needs to focus on growing India's share...

Indian‌ ‌chemical‌ ‌industry‌ ‌after‌ ‌RCEP‌ ‌agreement‌
Will RCEP withdrawal hurt India’s chemical industry?

Indian chemical exports to RCEP member countries have been witnessing strong growth over the past few years. But preferential access to RCEP members could put Indian chemical companies at a disadvanta...

Re-imagining India’s trade with the non-ASEAN RCEP

From a 'sum-of-parts' approach IBT looks at non-ASEAN RCEP countries that India can intensify engagement with as it chooses to stay out of the agreement....

India in G20
India’s post-COVID trade blueprint from a G-20 framework

As India looks to revive its trade agreements with partners in the post-COVID scenario, the G-20 naturally takes precedence, as it accounts for over 70% of global trade. A preliminary analysis confirm...

Specialty chemical exports TPCI
Indian chemical industry – Building a ‘climate’ of confidence

Leading players in the Indian chemical industry are paying attention to sustainability issues, but this needs to be propagated to the large base of SMEs, so that they can upgrade themselves to be glob...

TPCI_Media & entertainment_graph1
Media & entertainment post-COVID: A careful course correction

The media and entertainment industry has been split wide open as a result of the pandemic. Gaming, digital and OTT have shown a positive growth in consumer mindshare as well as advertising revenues. G...

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