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The fishery sector needs to diversify its product exports

Dr. Arpita Mukherjee, ICRIER, states that India needs to ensure food safety and standards and diversify the type of seafood products exported. We also need to study how the demands for fisheries produ...

Staying out of the RCEP may not be a good idea for the seafood industry
Indian fisheries sector faces stiff competition from Vietnam, Thailand & Indonesia

Jagdish Fofandi, President of Seafood Exporters Association of India, opines fisheries industry needs to cut the cost of production to survive competition from Vietnam, Thailand & Indonesia....

Chalasani Bhaskar
Our fishing quota is being exploited by other countries

Chalasani Bhaskar, Agri ESG entrepreneur states that India before venturing into FTAs, has to invest in infrastructure to first get the fishermen to be efficient, productive & regulation compliant to ...

Indian‌ ‌chemical‌ ‌industry‌ ‌after‌ ‌RCEP‌ ‌agreement‌
Will RCEP withdrawal hurt India’s chemical industry?

Indian chemical exports to RCEP member countries have been witnessing strong growth over the past few years. But preferential access to RCEP members could put Indian chemical companies at a disadvanta...

Re-imagining India’s trade with the non-ASEAN RCEP

From a 'sum-of-parts' approach IBT looks at non-ASEAN RCEP countries that India can intensify engagement with as it chooses to stay out of the agreement....

Prof Rupa Chanda, RBI Chair of Economics, IIM Bangalore
India’s RCEP exit: Countries can benefit even without free trade agreements

Prof Rupa Chanda, RBI Chair of Economics, IIM Bangalore, talks about possible regions where India can pursue greater trade integration post its exit from RCEP. At the same time, she asserts that FTAs ...

India post-RCEP: New chapter for Act East policy?

India's concerns on possible rise in trade deficit with RCEP participation are understandable, but it should actively consider other ways of engaging with value chains of East and Southeast Asia, besi...

Prof Amita Batra
India should renegotiate RCEP in the near future

Prof Amita Batra, Centre for South Asian Studies, JNU, asserts that while US and EU have been traditionally large markets for India, integrating with the countries of East Asia and Southeast Asia is i...

India in G20
India’s post-COVID trade blueprint from a G-20 framework

As India looks to revive its trade agreements with partners in the post-COVID scenario, the G-20 naturally takes precedence, as it accounts for over 70% of global trade. A preliminary analysis confirm...

Basanta K Sahu, farm reforms TPCI
India should boost exports of high value agriculture products

Dr. Basanta Sahu, IIFT, opines that India’s production advantages in food products offer a great opportunity to diversify its agricultural trade basket....

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