Bhikharam Chandmal: A hallmark of Bikaner’s rich culinary heritage

Bhikharam Chandmal has today become a leading exporter of bhujiya, namkeens and a host of delectable sweets. This success has been driven by a host of factors that include continuously innovating their packaging systems and quality checks to deliver on their promise of providing only the best products to every nook and corner. 


The origin of Bhikharam Chandmal can be traced back to 125 years, when late Tansukhdas Aggarwal founded the group as the result of a platable experiment. He used to manufactured “bari”, which is a local homemade dry vegetable made out of Moth Dal flour. Once, when he fried this bari in a pan, the result was a scrumptious new product- Bhujia! The term Bhujia, thus correctly derives its name, which means ‘fried product’.

The business scaled new heights when Tansukhdas’s son, Bhikharam, and grandson, Chandmal, joined the business and improved the quality of the Bhujia. The father-son duo received patronage from the then Maharaja of Bikaner and was rewarded generously. The Bhujia rapidly gained popularity and was soon added to the list of favorite snack foods in the Darbar of Bikaner.

This Bikaneri Bhujia can also be attributed for taking Bhikharam Chandmal from a small-scale industry in the erstwhile state of Bikaner (a city located in the heart of Thar) to becoming a staple for the people of Bikaner, who found it to be a sumptuous gift for friends and families living far and away. Gradually, there was an exponential demand surge for this regal favorite and other namkeens offered by the brand across geographies, enabling it to establish a global presence.

Today, continuous innovation has established Bhikharam Chandmal as a revered maker of delectable Indian snacks, Bikaneri Bhujia, sweets and savories made out of Indian spices and condiments. More than a century of tradition and experience coupled with a flair for delivering the best has propelled their legacy of high quality, consistency & regional taste.

The brand has built itself on the philosophy of ‘celebrating good food’ and serves every food lover across the globe. It can vouch for its product quality, as it only serves products, which the founders personally consume and attest to. They are continuously innovating their packaging systems and quality checks to deliver on their promise of providing only the best quality products to every nook and corner. Some of their intriguing products, which have aroused the interest of customers, in addition to their quintessential Bhujia, include Badam Lachcha Mixture, Fulwadi, Masala Mattar, Liliput Kachori and sweetmeats like Chocolate Soan Papdi, Rasmalai Pattie and Mango Twist.

Moving ahead, Bhikharam Chandmal has planned a couple of hi-tech plants enriched with the latest machinery aimed at keeping products fresh for a longer period of time with retained taste. They plan on doing so by keeping in mind the need to balance authenticity and technology. Moreover, they are also leveraging digital platforms to showcase their products and build brand equity, which has rendered incredible results for them.


  1. wonderful to know about your intriguing history..I belong to Udaipur Raj….traditions colors are part of our culture .it gets confusing when families are sharing their heritage with the world.snacks sweets sibling rivalries aside with excellence..

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