TPCI_Rama-Mohan-Reddy SEZs
SEZs: The engines of India’s economic growth

ARM Reddy, Zonal Development Commissioner, Vishakhapatnam opines that operational SEZs in India have propelled its exports, boosted investments and generated employment opportunities as minimum invest...

Mobile manufacturing Import substitution_TPCI
Revisiting India’s macroeconomic outlook post-COVID

Macroeconomic policies to boost manufacturing and capitalise on the relocation strategies being pursued by multinationals should adopt a bottom up approach and emphasise on building essential attribut...

To revive economy, COVID-19 vaccines are the best stimulus

Dr Arindam Bandopadhyay opines that top priority should be given on mass vaccination as well as research on developing medicines for treating COVID-19 patients to overcome the pandemic. Till then, mov...

Global economy, COVID vaccine and green shoots of hope

The global economy is showing signs of a revival, yet threats remain. The situation demands greater collaboration between governments, as well as a tightrope balance between curbing public debt and en...

Brazil economy - What has helped it?
Brazil economy – early riser in the post-pandemic race?

Brazil has shown a relatively faster revival in its manufacturing sector led by a strong government stimulus to boost local employment, consumer demand and industrial growth. But will this eventually ...

Indian Labours
Government or industry – Who picks the baton on employment?

The key to reviving employment in India is to spur investment from the industry in low-productivity sectors and further boost the startup ecosystem. In the long-term, the focus needs to be on investme...

COVID-19 infections, trade recovery and the K-factor

As global trade shows recovery signs, it is critical to address concerns of rising inequalities between wealthy nations and the developing world. These stem primarily from differing capabilities in fi...

TPCI_Tripathi Rao economy _900x600
Indian economy needs strong immunity boosters

Prof D. Tripati Rao, IIM Lucknow opines that India needs to swiftly move from fiscal “Band-Aids” to counter-cyclical fiscal boosters to prevent the economy slipping into stagflationary spiral with...

Sunitha-Raju economy TPCI
New normal for Indian economy entails push towards supply chain resilience & digital technology

After the sharp fall in GDP in the first quarter, projections indicate that India's economy is expected to return to positive growth only in 2021-22. While Dr Sunitha Raju, Indian Institute of Foreign...

Aditi Nayar economy
Indian economy may eke out a marginal GDP growth in Q4

Aditi Nayar, Principal Economist, ICRA, cautions that while industrial indicators are recovering post the June quarter when GDP decline was recorded at -23.9%, services sector growth has stalled. She ...

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