Indian Festiv Shopping
Impact of Covid-19 on shopping behaviour

Consumer behaviour and choices have evolved significantly during Covid-19. Some developments, such as an increase in the savings rate are a reversal of previous trends; while others, such as, digitali...

Prof Veena Kumar insurance
How the pandemic remodelled the insurance industry

COVID-19 has led to a paradigm shift in customer awareness, perception and product preference patterns for insurance products. Prof Veena Kumar, Director, Competitive Edge Consultants, explains why th...

Think Leaders
“We are in an era of content, community and commerce”

Anirudh Singla, Founder & CEO, Pepper, shares insights on the ‘content divide’ that businesses face today (especially in the post-COVID context), and how a content marketplace like Pepper can bett...

Arpita Srivastava, Assistant Professor in the Marketing, XLRI- Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur
Customers do not like to be bombarded with ads

Prof. Arpita Srivastava, XLRI, opines that sentiment analysis is a great tool that helps brands understand what customers are thinking and interested in....

TPCI Brand Marketing
Brands need to have a very good inbound marketing

Digital marketing allows marketers to map the digital behaviour of their consumers and hence market their goods efficiently....

How Influencers reshaped Marketing during Covid-19
How Influencers reshaped Marketing during Covid-19

Expected to become a $10 billion-dollar industry by end of 2020, influencer marketing is adopted by an increasing number of brands and marketers due to the way it impacts people. Creating and executin...

SEO won’t reap as many dividends in the COVID age as before

Prof. Anuj Kapoor, IIM Ahmedabad opines that consumers have more time in hand and they can easily go through their organic search....

Prof Veena Kumar insurance
Automotive marketing post-COVID: Accelerate, brake, clutch, accelerate

Prof Veena Kumar, Director, Competitive Edge Consultants, examines the evolving customer behaviour post-pandemic and the response of automotive companies. She advises players to emphasise on empathy, ...

Ashutosh Gupta
Post-COVID, professionals are investing in learning to stay future ready

Ashutosh Gupta, India Country Manager, LinkedIn affirms that professionals have placed their faith in ‘learning’ to grapple with the new post-COVID reality, become future-proof, and stay productiv...

Sourav Borah
COVID-19 is an opportunity to de-commoditize the B2B business

Sourav Borah, Assistant Professor, IIM Ahmedabad, feels that COVID-19 may bring about a permanent change in mindsets of B2B firms when it comes to digital marketing and brand building. While companies...

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