Key info display made mandatory on medical device packs

The Department of Consumer Affairs has announced that all medical devices must contain information about the retail price, the place of origin, size and dimensions, and consumer care information on the package.

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The Department of Consumer Affairs has requested that medical devices be compelled to provide these declarations in the interest of consumers in a letter to the Department of Pharmaceuticals (DOP).

In accordance with the letter, it was required by the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011, that every packaged good, including medical devices, bear such information on them or on a label firmly attached.

“The provisions require only the declaration of mandatory information including retail sales price in the form of MRP, country of origin, size and dimensions of the commodity where the sizes of the commodity in the package are relevant, unit sale price and consumer care details, on the pre-packaged commodities based on which the consumer can take an informed decision,” the Department of Consumer affair mentioned.

For various offenses, such as selling above MRP in hospitals, retail locations, or on e-commerce platforms, altering MRP or other declarations/without declarations, etc., enforcement provisions are made under the Legal Metrology Act/Packaged Commodities Rules in order to protect consumer rights.

“The provisions of the Legal Metrology Act are also applicable on sale of products in loose or without packaging and sale through E-commerce websites in the interest of consumers,” the Department of Consumer Affairs added.

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