Front of package label to check junk

FSSAI’s CEO Arun Singhal on Monday expressed anxiety over increasing consumption of junk food leading to obesity & malnutrition in youth and children in India. He, therefore, said that there is a plan to introduce front-of-package (FoP) labeling on packaged foods. He added that IIM Ahmedabad has been asked to conduct a survey on the nature of FoP labels in the interest of consumers. This will help consumers to make healthier food choices.

“There is a rise in demand for packaged food. There is a need to provide information in a simple way about the impact of packaged food on health so that consumers can make choices,” Singhal commented. The top official explained that several countries which used FoP labels saw reduction in consumption of junk food. He stated that once findings from the IIM-A survey are released, the FSSAI will draft the regulations.

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