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TPCI Signed MOU with Joint Iraqi Indian Chamber to promote trade and bilateral relations between the two economies

In order to develop the relations of cooperation in the commercial and economic fields between the private sector companies, businessmen and investors in the republic of India, Trade Promotion Council of India signed a memorandum of understanding with Joint Iraqi Indian Chamber whereby this commercial and economic cooperation shall be framed. This Memorandum of Understanding(MOU), consisting of 11 Articles entered into by and between Joint Iraqi-Indian Chamber of Commerce and the Trade Promotion Council of India.

This Memorandum was signed on 19th January 2018 at India Exposition Mart, Greater Noida during Mega International Food and Beverage trade Show : Indus Food 2018.The meeting and discussion between these top officials of the organisations opened windows to the diversified avenues where they can work together to achieve their vision of promoting trade and bilateral relations between the business community of both economies combining their competence and expertise to evolve highly valuable synergies.


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