India's Trade Overview



India has been consistently engaging at the regional and unilateral level across all the regions to increase economic cohesion. These agreements are complimentary to WTO based negotiations. These agreements aim at trade creation and trade diversification besides strengthening the political ties.

A compilation of trade agreements India has already signed or engaged in negotiation is listed below-

Region Partner Country/ Bloc Type of agreement Current Status
Thailand CECA 2004 in force, Under Negotiation
ASEAN FTA 2010 in force, Further Negotiation
BIMSTEC CECA Under Negotiation
Singapore CECA 2005 in force, Under Negotiation
Indonesia CECA 1968 in force, Under renegotiation
SAARC PTA, SATIS 2006 in force; 2013 in force
Malaysia CECA 2011 in force
Japan FTA 2011 in force
Afghanistan PTA 2003 in force
South Korea CECA 2010 in force
Sri Lanka FTA; CEPA 2000 in force, Under Negotiation
Iran PTA Under Negotiation
China FTA Proposed
Taiwan FTA Proposed
Georgia PTA Proposed
Nepal ■ India – Nepal Trade Treaty
■ Agreement of Cooperation with Nepal to control Unauthorised Trade
■ Treaty of transit between India and Nepal
1999 in force;
2002 in force;
2009 in force
Bhutan Trade Agreement 2006 in force
Europe FTA Under negotiation
Turkey FTA Proposed
Australia FTA Under Negotiation
New Zealand FTA Under Negotiation
Middle East
GCC Framework Agreement Under Negotiation
Israel FTA Under Negotiation
SACU PTA Under Negotiation
COMESA PTA Under Negotiation
South America
Chile PTA 2007 in force, Expansion under negotiation
MERCOSUR PTA 2009 in force, Expansion under negotiation
Ecuador PTA Proposed , Under consultation
Colombia PTA Proposed , Under consultation
Peru FTA Under Negotiation
Uruguay PTA Proposed
Venezuela PTA Proposed
North America
Canada FTA Under Negotiation
GSTP PTA 2014 in force, Under Negotiation
APTA PTA 2014 in force
RCEP Comprehensive agreement Early harvest package released in 2019