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Railways carry 1,150 tonnes of medical items

On Sunday, Indian Railways stated that it has supplied 1,150 tonnes of medical items including medicines, masks, hospital items and other medical commodities throughout the nation during the lockdown. It added that these goods were being ferried through its timetabled parcel services to bolster government’s efforts in managing the challenges and adverse impact of the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

The Northern Railway transported the maximum items (400 tonnes) followed by Western Railway (328.84 tonnes) and Central Railway (136 tonnes). Besides supplying essential medical commodities, it has also been shaping human lives in the country in other unprecedented ways. “Indian Railways is touching human lives during the hour of crisis. Recently, for an autistic child, skimmed camel milk was transported by a parcel train from Ajmer to Mumbai when the parents resorted for help on social media platform,” the railways stated.