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EV transition may take longer than a decade: TERI

Converse to government’s vision of making India a 100% electric-vehicle (EV) nation by 2030, TERI believes that the shift to EVs may take longer as customers would need time to get accustomed to the move. The research body has proposed a phased adoption of this cleaner & cheaper alternative to fuel-based automobiles (in terms of operational cost) in order to alleviate air pollution. While two-wheeler EVs below the engine capacity of 150cc should be sold in the country following March 31, 2025; three-wheeler EVs should be sold post March 31, 2023.

Introduction of electric buses and taxis could be one step in facilitating consumers’ acceptance towards the use of EVs. Incentives against scrapping of old vehicles, reducing GST & building public e-charging infrastructure are other ways suggested by TERI Director-General, Mr. Ajay Mathur, to enable this change. He also spoke about the need to address other bottlenecks like expensive purchase rate and familiarity and comfort of people in using EVs to usher in this transition.