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TPCI hosts India-US Buyer-Seller meet on F&B in New Jersey

Trade Promotion Council of India organized India-USA Buyer-Seller Meet on Food & Beverages on 22nd August in New Jersey, USA. Marking a momentous occasion in the domain of global trade and commerce, the event was formally commenced today under the auspices of Shri Randeer Jaiswal, the Hon’ble Consul General of India in New Jersey. This gathering plays a pivotal role as a conduit to foster engagements and partnerships among Indian food and beverage exporters and their counterparts – buyers and importers from the United States.

The India-USA Buyer-Seller Meet on Food & Beverages was orchestrated by the Trade Promotion Council of India on the 22nd of August in New Jersey, USA. This event stands as a significant milestone in the realm of worldwide trade and business. The proceedings of the event were inaugurated today with the gracious presence of Shri Randeer Jaiswal, the Hon’ble Consul General of India in New York.

At the event, a diverse contingent of 25 Indian exporters has converged to showcase an extensive array of Indian food and beverage products. This showcase includes not only traditional offerings but also highlights value-added products derived from millets, emphasizing innovation and quality in the Indian food industry.

The Buyer-Seller Meet anticipates a robust participation of more than 100 buyers and importers hailing from various parts of the United States. This convergence of industry professionals aims to forge new business relationships, foster trade partnerships, and establish avenues for mutual growth and economic exchange.

With the Hon’ble Consul General’s inauguration, the event is set to offer a platform for fruitful discussions, knowledge-sharing, and networking opportunities. This gathering serves as a testament to the collaborative efforts of both India and the USA to strengthen their trade ties and enhance economic cooperation in the domain of food and beverages.

As India continues to assert its position as a global leader in food production and export, events like these play a crucial role in promoting its diverse culinary offerings and fostering international trade relationships. The presence of innovative products such as value-added millet offerings underscores India’s commitment to catering to evolving consumer preferences and health-conscious trends in the global market.

The participation of a substantial number of buyers and importers from the United States underscores the significant demand and interest in Indian food and beverage products in the American market. It also reflects the mutual recognition of the quality, variety, and authenticity of Indian culinary offerings.

The India USA Buyer-Seller Meet on Food & Beverages holds the promise of catalyzing productive partnerships, driving economic growth, and contributing to the vibrant landscape of international food and beverage trade between these two nations.

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