Textiles and Apparels

Textiles and Apparels

The global textiles & apparel market is approximately USD 1.15 trillion in 2013 and almost 75% concentrated in EU‐27, USA, China and Japan.

The global export of textile and apparel was approximately USD 717 billion in 2013 and import was approximately USD 629 billion. Woven Apparel is the most traded category among the global textile & apparels trade with market share of 29%, followed by Knitted Apparels of 25%. India is the 2nd largest Textile & Apparel exporter in the world with a share of 10% in 2013, next only to China.

Cotton textiles is most traded category among the textile & apparel trade of India. USA, China, UAE, UK and Bangladesh are major export partner of India. India’s leading textile and apparel export partner is USA with a share of 18% followed by China.

India is the 2nd largest producers of textiles and garments in the world. Abundant availability of raw materials such as cotton, wool, silk and jute as well as skilled workforce have made the country a sourcing hub. The Indian textiles industry accounts for about 24% of the world’s spindle capacity and 8% of global rotor capacity.

The potential size of the Indian textiles and apparel industry is expected to reach USD 223 billion by 2021.

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