Press Release

TPCI demands opening of meat export production units as overseas demand surge

Press Release:

TPCI demands opening of meat export production units as overseas demand surge

Government to Government sale of non- basmati rice to thrust agri exports

New Delhi, 16th April, 2020: On behalf of India’s export industry, I welcome the government decision to allow selected permitted activities after 20th April 2020. The need of the time was to allow agri related industrial activities as it is harvesting season for the Ravi crop, which ensures the food security and surplus exports for agri produce in India. Industry is also appreciative of the fact that marine, plantation and along with supply side support has also been considered for opening.”

Further Chairman TPCI said, “Opening of banks and allied support such as customs offices and logistics, warehousing and cargo support will help the exporters to ship goods smoothly. Also the farmers and marginal workers will get the money in this distress time which is crucial for their livelihood.”

“The government should also consider opening the animal husbandry sector fully as huge demand for meat products are arising from overseas markets including, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt and China. States like Uttar Pradesh which has a large number of meat factories should allow production and livestock trading facilities.” India has a very rich pool of livestock and it can thrust the exports and reinforce its presence in crucial markets within a short time,” he added.

Speaking on the meat export production units closure, Fauzan Alavi of Allanasons Private Limited Company said, “As our meat production units are closed we are not able to supply to the demand arising out of several countries. By the time the government allows opening of the production units, I am afraid that the opportunity might be taken away by countries such as Australia, Brazil, etc. and we might miss it. ” Government should allow the units to operate with proper health guidelines, he added.

Chairman TPCI also suggested, “We should focus on non- basmati exports on government to government (G2G) sales to maintain India’s strong foothold on the export market and utilize the surplus stock for export proceeds.” There is a huge demand for non- basmati rice from African, Europeans and Asian countries, he added.

Trade data released yesterday, clearly shows how Covid-19 pulled down India’s exports by 34.6% in March, 29 of 30 items each in export and import baskets is seen adversely impacted.The total rice exports in FY 2019-2020 remained at 6.5 billion USD and meat and preparation exports remained billion 3.25 USD in the same period (FY19-20).

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