Press Release

100 billion agri export will be a reality soon: TPCI

Press Release:

100 billion agri export will be a reality soon: TPCI

– Industry upbeat with government announcing massive and critical support to the sector

20th May 2020, New Delhi: Trade Promotion Council of India (TPCI) has lauded the government reformist measures announced for promoting the agri and food sector. Speaking on today’s announcement, Mohit Singla, Chairman TPCI said, “With slew of support to agriculture and food sector, achieving a 100 billion USD agri export will be a reality soon. From the current USD 37 billion of exports, with the announced schemes, Industry will be able to achieve export target of USD 100 billion worth in next five years, while focusing upon untapped global markets namely, Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Oceania, etc.”

Industry hailed transformational reforms and schemes announced as package. “The amendment in essential commodity act will be a game changer, as it will make agriculture remunerative for farmers by bypassing the middleman. Additionally, it will lead to the farmers connect to the market of their choice and help monetize the produce through exports, plus help facilitating smooth inter-state trade,” Chairman TPCI said.

The measures announced will help in diversification of export products, which will reduce dependency on just four to five commodities for exports. New inclusions like- cereals, fresh fruits, edible oils, oilseeds, pulses, dairy products, fisheries etc. which will be added in the food portfolio will further boost export. Particularly important driver will be herbal cultivation for medicinal plants. It will lead to the additional income to farmers from naturopathy, Chairman added.

Another important measure which will thrust export is, the Scheme for formalization of micro enterprise, where in almost 2.5 lakh emerging smaller entrepreneurs will enter the fray, this will lead to more primary producer feeding the bigger ancillary units reduce the farm wastage and make Indian agro-food industry competitive. Welcoming the move, Mr. Vikas Bhatia, MD, Rieco Industries said, “Moving up the value chain is important for the producers and this will create a wave of opportunities for both the consumers and producers.  It will also enhance India’s position in the global food processing market.”

The animal husbandry infrastructure development fund, will address the infra and logistics gaps and strengthen the value chain. Creation of good infrastructure along with a healthy animal population will make the dairy Industry competitive against China, which often hinders export citing FDA (Food & Drug Administration) regulations. Namita Kumar, Director, Param Dairy said, “Allotment of 13,343 crores for vaccination of cattle, buffalo, sheep, and goat, will decrease the mortality rate in cattle and save them from many diseases and increasing milk production. Increased milk production will help companies to run at a better production level in the lean season.”

For various branding initiatives of local products at international platforms, geographical indication (GI) product promotion is must. Branding agri-products through GI, would realise higher returns in global markets. Also, establishing effective agricultural brands can help farmers gain a competitive advantage in ‘buyer-driven’ global markets, Chairman TPCI said.

Jayesh Gosrani, MD, GOMA Engineering Pvt Ltd. Stated that, “With milk and milk products & other dairy & food products being a major part of our daily essentials, this will definitely give a boost to the domestic machine manufacturing industries as they being also a part of “Vocal for Local” and “Make in India.”

Speaking on the challenge of this package, Naresh Baluni, CEO, Richlite Industries, highlighted, “My concern about this is the execution of the policy as a whole. It will be challenging because the fund release will again be dependent on the individual discretion of the banker. Thus, there lies quite high possibility that MSMEs may face problems.”

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