Germany contributes EUR 1 Million to Developing Countries participate in Trade Negotiations.

June 6, 2016

Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development has donated EUR 1 Million to help developing and least developing countries participate in the global trade talks and negotiations. The country pledged this donation at the ceremony held at the WTO on 1 June 2016.

WTO’s Doha Development Agenda Global Trust Fund (DDAGTF), upon receiving third donation will work for the financing the training workshops for officials in Geneva as well as the elsewhere to help them fully understand and implement WTO agreements.

Germany is the fourth donor to this fund in 2016 and the country has donated over EUR 23 million to WTO trust funds in over 15 years, says WTO. According to the WTO Deputy Director General Yonov Frederick Agah, Germany’s donation will significantly contribute to laying the ground for new business opportunities for farmers, manufacturers and service providers around the world.