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TPCI organizes Indian-Saudi BSN at the Jeddah Chamber

Trade Promotion Council of India (TPCI) organized the Indian-Saudi Buyer Seller Meet (BSM) at the Jeddah Chamber. The event was inaugurated by his excellency Mohd Shahid Alam, Consul General, CGI Jeddah.

In a significant move to foster economic ties between India and Saudi Arabia, His Excellency Mohd Shahid Alam, Consul General, CGI Jeddah, inaugurated the Indian-Saudi Buyer Seller Meet (BSM) organized by TPCI at the Jeddah Chamber. The ceremony, held today, was graced by the presence of key dignitaries including Mr. Mohd Bilal, Assistant Vice Consul, CGI Jeddah, Mr. Amjad Shareef, Market Research Officer, CGI Jeddah, and Engr. Mazen Abu Talib, Assistant General Secretary, Jeddah Chamber.

The event serves as a platform for collaboration and business partnerships, aiming to strengthen the trade relations between the two nations. With over 15 Indian Food and Beverage Exporters showcasing their diverse and high-quality products, the BSM has attracted the attention of more than 40 prominent buyers from Saudi Arabia.

The BSM is poised to facilitate meaningful interactions, negotiations, and partnerships between Indian exporters and Saudi buyers. The diverse array of products on display showcases the richness of India’s food and beverage industry, providing a unique opportunity for Saudi buyers to explore new business avenues and strengthen their product portfolios.

As the event unfolds, it is expected to pave the way for enhanced economic collaboration, marking a positive step towards deeper engagement and cooperation between India and Saudi Arabia in the realm of trade and commerce.

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