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TPCI organizes India Pavilion at HKTDC ICT and Electronics Expo, Hong Kong

Trade Promotion Council of India, organized the India Pavilion at the HKTDC ICT and Electronics Expo, Hong Kong. The pavilion showcased remarkable products and services from India. Over 46 Indian exporters participated in this prestigious expo, offering a glimpse into India’s tech and electronic marvels.

The India Pavilion at the HKTDC ICT and Electronics Expo in Hong Kong was organized by the Trade Promotion Council of India. It featured a showcase of exceptional Indian products and services in the tech and electronics sector. More than 46 Indian exporters eagerly participated in this esteemed expo, providing a glimpse into the impressive innovations from India. The grand inauguration of the pavilion was done by Ms. Satwant Khanalia, who serves as the Hon’ble Consul General of India in Hong Kong.

The India Pavilion was a vibrant hub of innovation and creativity. It featured a wide array of products and services, ranging from cutting-edge electronics and software solutions to IT services. Visitors had the opportunity to explore India’s technological prowess, witnessing the strides the country has made in the field.

The Expo not only boosted business opportunities for Indian exporters but also fostered international collaboration, further solidifying India’s position in the global tech and electronics market. The event was a remarkable success, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Trade Promotion Council of India and the talented Indian exporters who displayed their ingenuity in Hong Kong.