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TPCI organizes India Pavilion at Cevisama 2024, Spain

Trade Promotion Council of India promoted Indian excellence on the global stage as it organized an Indian Pavilion to showcase India’s prowess in the ceramic and tiles sector at Cevisama 2024, Valencia, Spain.

The Trade Promotion Council of India showcases Indian excellence on the world stage by hosting an Indian Pavilion at Cevisama 2024 in Valencia, Spain, spotlighting India’s expertise in the ceramic and tiles sector.

The inauguration of the TPCI Pavilion marked a significant moment, with Ms. Ankita Mittal, Deputy Chief of Mission and First Secretary at the Embassy of India in Spain, officiating the event. Her presence underscored the strong diplomatic ties between India and Spain and emphasized the importance of such trade initiatives.

This year, 48 Indian exporters specializing in ceramic and tiles products have enthusiastically participated in Cevisama 2024. Their presence not only highlights the quality and diversity of Indian craftsmanship but also opens doors to new business opportunities and collaborations on an international level.

The Indian Pavilion serves as a vibrant hub, pulsating with innovation and creativity, drawing the attention of visitors and industry experts alike. It showcases the rich tapestry of India’s heritage and modern design sensibilities, encapsulating the essence of ‘Make in India’ on a global platform.

As Cevisama 2024 unfolds, the Indian Pavilion stands as a testament to India’s growing influence in the global market, promising a fruitful exchange of ideas, technologies, and partnerships.