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TPCI organized India Pavilion at the Lohas Expo 2024, Hong Kong

Trade Promotion Council of India, alongside CGI Hong Kong, curated an impressive display of Indian prowess at the Lohas Expo 2024. Ms. Satwant Khanalia, the Honorable Consul General of India in Hong Kong, ceremonially inaugurated this event.

Trade Promotion Council of India, in collaboration with CGI Hong Kong, orchestrated a remarkable showcase of Indian excellence at the Lohas Expo 2024. This event, inaugurated by Ms. Satwant Khanalia, the Hon’ble Consul General of India in Hong Kong, highlighted the prowess of 13 Indian exporters across various segments including Food, Health Food, Herbal, and Natural Beauty Products.

The Indian Pavilion stood as a testament to India’s rich heritage and innovation in these sectors. Visitors were treated to a diverse array of products that not only exemplified quality but also underscored the country’s commitment to sustainability and wellness.

From traditional herbal remedies to contemporary health foods, the exhibitors left a lasting impression on attendees, showcasing the breadth and depth of India’s offerings in the global market. The event served as a platform for networking and collaboration, fostering partnerships that are vital for furthering India’s presence in the international marketplace.

With the support of the Trade Promotion Council of India and the Consulate General of India in Hong Kong, the Indian Pavilion at Lohas Expo 2024 emerged as a beacon of success, reinforcing India’s position as a leading exporter of goods that promote health, wellness, and natural beauty.