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Gazette Notification on Food Safety and Standards (Food Product Standards and Food Additives) Amendment Regulation, 2019 relating to Amendment to Regulation 2.3, Fruit and Vegetable Products: (a) Inclusion of standard of Monk fruit under 2.3.6 “Processed Fruit Juices”;(ii) Amendment to Regulation 2.4 Cereal and Cereal Products: (a) Biscuits (b) Bread and Bread-Type Products (c) Jowar (Sorghum grains) (d)Maida (Refined Wheat flour) (e)Semolina (Suji or Rawa) (f) Breakfast Cereal (g)Pearl Millet Flour (h)Sorghum flour;(iii) Amendment to Regulation 2.8 Sweetening agents including Honey (a) Sucralose;(iv) Amendment to Regulation 2.9 Salt, Spices, Condiments and Related Products (a) Cumin (Whole & Powder)(b) Iron Fortified Common Salt (c)Dried Thyme (v) Amendment to Regulation 2.14 and 2.15 Gluten free food and Foods specially processed to reduce gluten content to a level 20-100 mg/kg (a)Review of Gluten free and Low gluten product standard(vi)Amendment to Chapter 3: Substances added to Food & Appe