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Indias Future Energy and Mobility Show

Dear Industry Members

We are pleased to announce that the Trade Promotion Council of India is launching the first edition of India’s Future Energy and Mobility Show (IFEM) during March 21-23, 2024 at the HITEX Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad, Telangana. The event is expected to draw over 15,000 visitors, host 200 exhibitors, welcome 1,000+ decision-makers, and feature more than 75 conference speakers.

The event aspires to become India’s leading energy transition forum by providing unparalleled access to government and industry leaders transforming the energy value chain across the world. Over three days, the event will gather global experts, industry leaders, and policymakers to analyse critical trends shaping the energy landscape and drive innovations. IFEM 2024 promises to forge new pathways in the transition to net zero economy, and build critical partnerships towards making energy accessible, secure, and affordable for all.

The strategic summit and technical conference will offer delegates critical insights into vital progress being made towards achieving net-zero ambitions, nationally and globally. IFEM will further critical dialogue around India’s contributions to the global energy transition and put a spotlight on the nation’s ongoing decarbonisation efforts. IFEM will be a dedicated meeting place for the following stakeholders:

● Energy companies to build new partnerships and be part of the future energy mix.
● Policymakers meet, discuss, and debate future energy scenarios.
● Technology providers and entrepreneurs to showcase products, services and solutions.
● Professionals from the energy sector and end-user industries to learn from ground breaking & innovative content and gain perspectives into the latest clean energy solutions.

IFEM’s exhibition space will be divided into six zones:


● National oil companies
● National electronic clearing service
● International oil companies
● International Electro technical commission
● Exploration & Production
● Marine, Shipping, Storage & Terminals
● Oilfield Services
● Refineries & Petrochemicals
● Transportation & Logistics
● Carbon management & Storage
● Gas & LNG
● Hydrogen electrolysers
● Hydrogen from biomass
● Hydrogen fuels
● Hydrogen refining processes
● Industrial logistics for decarbonisation
● Low-carbon hydrogen production
● Hydrogen to methane (gaseous)
● Hydrogen to methanol (liquid)
● Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS)
● Carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) and hydrogen
● CCUS technology and Components

Alternate & Renewables
● Solar PV
● Wind Turbines
● Hydroelectric & Hydropower
● Technology companies
● Biofuels
● E-mobility
● Batteries
● Hydrogen
● Bio-diesel dispensing and mixing equipment manufacturers
● Biomass heating and drying equipment manufacturers
● Bioreactor, boiler, turbine and turbo-generator manufacturers & consultants

Utilities & Power Generation
● Integrated Energy Companies
● Independent Power Producers
● National & International Utilities
● Transmission & Distribution
● Technology Companies
● Smart Grids
● Power Management/BMS
● Power systems
● Generators

Energy storage and Electric & Hybrid Vehicles
● Energy Intensive Industries
● Energy Management Systems
● Energy Storage
● Components of Energy Storage
● Energy Efficiency
● Engineering Consultancy
● Fuel cell components and auxiliaries
● Fuel cell design, development and manufacturing
● Fuel cell manufacturing and assembly
● Mobility Systems
● Net Zero Energy Building, Smart Building
● Next-Gen Ventilation, Energy Saving Equipment
● Production Technologies of Energy Storage Systems
● Automotive Components
● Battery Components & Materials
● Battery Manufacturers
● Battery Packs
● Channel Partners/ Distributors
● Automation Equipment
● Manufacturing Equipment
● Motors
● Prototyping
● Simulation / Software
● Testing
● Thermal Management

Technology & Services
● Banks, Institutional Investors
● Pricing & Trading
● Project Developers
● Professional Services
● Digital Technology
● 5G
● Artificial Intelligence
● Automation
● Automotive/Transport
● Big Data/Analytics
● Block chain Technology
● Cloud Computing
● Cloud Services
● Consultancy
● Cyber Security
● Device Hardware/Software
● Digital Automation
● Edge Computing
● Enterprise Softwares
● Equipment Sensors
● Integrated Services
● Machine Learning
● Manufacturing and Industry X.0
● Network Infrastructure
● Network Security
● Remote Monitoring
● Robotics – Software
● Satellite
● Software Service / Technology Providers
● Data Management
● Systems Integration
● UAVs
● Virtual/ Augmented Reality
● Virtual Viewing

Government & Academia
● Academia & Research Institutions
● Think Tanks
● Industry Associations
● Government/Regulatory
● Ministry, Associations
● Media/Content/ Entertainment

With regional, and local attendees, India’s Future Energy and Mobility show will host leaders and national decision-makers who matter to your business. IFEM is the perfect platform for companies to showcase their expertise and brands to investors looking to do business in a dynamic Indian energy market.

The IFEM’s exhibition floor will be divided into six zones – Hydrocarbons, Alternate & Renewables, Utilities and power generation, Energy Storage and Electric & Hybrid Vehicles and Technology & Services.

To know more and register for the event, click energyexpoindia.com

Indias Future Energy and Mobility Show

23 July, 2024


Date: July 23, 2024
Time: 3:01 pm