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Trade Promotion Council of India is organising a webinar on the topic of  Healthcare Services: A holistic post-COVID roadmap on August 8 at 3:00 pm IST.


The global healthcare industry has witnessed a period of intense shock as well as unprecedented transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Supply shocks left many nations struggling with lack of access to essential equipment for testing and treatment.


Deloitte’s 2022 Global Healthcare Outlook affirms that all governments are expected to introduce public health policies and spend heavily on healthcare this year. Apart from COVID-related challenges, the healthcare ecosystem faces other key challenges – climate change, health inequities, communicable and non-communicable diseases, deteriorating infrastructure, and a global shortage of clinical workforce, as highlighted by the report.


Novel approaches and disruptive healthcare models – with a particularly enhanced focus on digitisation, tele-health systems and 4.0 technologies like AI, IoT and cloud computing – are expected to usher in a new paradigm in the healthcare space.


India has a strong standing in healthcare services exports, thanks to highly qualified English speaking medical professionals, presence of world class hospitals, low cost quality treatment, capabilities in clinical trials and a rich legacy of traditional healthcare systems like Yoga, Siddha, naturopathy and Ayurveda.


This webinar will focus on growth opportunities for the Indian healthcare industry in the post-COVID period and strategies to gain a greater share of the global health and wellness market.


The list of panellists for the webinar is as follows:

Dr. Girdhar Gyani, Director General, Association of Healthcare Providers (India)
Dr. Atul M. Kochhar, CEO, National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare providers of India
Dr. Upasana Arora, Director, Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital
Dr. D C Katoch, Senior CMO (Ayurveda), CGHS, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.
Dr. Pralok Gupta, Associate Professor, Centre for WTO Studies and Member, Committee for Advanced Trade Research, TPCI

The webinar will be moderated by Virat Bahri, Deputy Director, Media & Corporate Communications, Trade Promotion Council of India.


The areas to be covered during the session are as below:

Impact of COVID-19 on global approach to healthcare
● Implications for trade in healthcare services via various modes
● Increased role of digital healthcare delivery post-pandemic and learnings
● India’s experience with COVID-19 and the road ahead for healthcare policy
● How AYUSH/wellness therapies can play a role in boosting Indian healthcare services exports


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