Population: 31,528,585 (2018) GDP: 354.3 billion (2018) Ease of Doing Business Ranking: 15th (2018) ECONOMY Why Malaysia Strong Economic Fundamentals Malaysia is an attractive market with strong economic fundamentals. Its GDP was RM1.35 trillion (S$445 billion) in 2017, a 5.9% increase from 2016. This marks the seventh year that Malaysia has enjoyed GDP growth of […]


Population (2017): 4,829,483 GDP (2018): US$79.32 billion  World Bank “Ease of Doing Business” Rank (2018): 78 ECONOMY Oman is strategically located along major shipping lanes in the Indian Ocean and at the entrance of the Strait of Hormuz. The second largest country in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) after Saudi Arabia, it enjoys considerable political […]

South Korea

Population (2018): 51.63 million  GDP (2018): US$ 1.62 trillion World Bank “Ease of Doing Business” Rank (2018): 5 Bilateral trade with India (2018-19): US$ 21.4 billion ECONOMY Incentives for FDI  Foreign direct investment (FDI) in South Korea has been steadily increasing, hitting a record high of US$ 21.3 billion in 2016. The strong growth in […]


Population (2018): 69.4 million GDP (2018): US$ 504.9 billion World Bank “Ease of Doing Business” Rank (2019): 27 Bilateral trade with India (2018-19): US$ 11.88 billion ECONOMY Gateway to the Mekong Region Thailand is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia, and it is an attractive market you should consider. With its central location in […]


Population : 1.41 billion GDP (2018) : US$ 13.6 trillion Ease of Doing Business Rank (2018) : 46 Bilateral Trade with India (2018-19) : US$ 87 billion ECONOMY Since initiating market reforms in 1978, China has shifted from a centrally-planned to a more market-based economy and has experienced rapid economic and social development. GDP growth […]


Population (2018): 9.6 million GDP (2018): US$ 414.1 billion  World Bank “Ease of Doing Business” Rank (2018): 21 ECONOMY The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most attractive business destinations in the Middle East. Your business in the UAE will have ready access to skilled labour, modern communications and transport networks, and excellent infrastructure. […]