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WHO identifies 6 parameters for lifting lockdown

The World Health Organization (WHO) has set out six criteria to help countries gauge when to lift lockdowns. It said that lockdowns should be lifted by nations when transmission is controlled, additional capacity in the health system is in place to trace, treat and isolate patients, outbreaks risks are minimized in special settings like nursing homes, preventive measures are in place like schools and work places, importation risks can be managed and communities are engaged to adjust to the new norm.

“Some countries and communities have endured weeks of social and economic restrictions. Some countries are considering when to lift restrictions. Others are considering whether and when to introduce them. These decisions should be based on human health and guided by how the virus behaves,” stated Tedros Adhanom, director general, WHO.

The WHO chief also noted that lockdown measures that were introduced by wealthy countries cannot be replicated in middle and lower income countries. He also added that physical distancing is just part of the equation and many public health measures are part of this containment.