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Washington’s larger apple crop faces trade issues

According to the recent crop forecast by Washington State Tree Fruit Association, about 137.3 million boxes will be produced in 2019. That is an 18% jump from the 116.7-million boxes in 2018. However, in the last few years, peak performance was achieved in 2014 at 143.6 million boxes.

What has caused anxiety in the industry is the fact that high tariffs in importing countries have brought down its exports. For instance, the volume of Washington apples going to India has been down by 66%. On June 15, India increased its tariff on foreign apples and other goods from 50% to 70%. However, despite this drop, India featured as the third apple export destination for the US, after Mexico and Canada.  China has also imposed 50% tariffs on the American apples recently. A leading apple producer in the US, Washington produces about 65% of the nation’s fresh apples.