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Russian envoy criticizes US unilateralism

Calling for a unified stand on the issues surrounding America’s unilateralism, Russian deputy ambassador to India, Mr. Roman Babushkin stated that BRICS opposes unilateral approach to world affairs, including illegal unilateral sanctions, hypocrisy and clandestine political agendas. “We are against unfair means of competition. What the US is doing (against Huawei) is inappropriate,” he said ahead of the meeting of BRICS Foreign Ministers in Brasilia today. The comment on Huawei comes at a time when New Delhi is yet to clarify if it will allow the Chinese telecom giant to participate in its trials of 5G equipment.

Several countries, besides China have borne the brunt of protectionist policies of the US. For instance, the US had imposed sanctions on Russia under the Countering America’s Adversaries through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) last year. India, too, is facing difficulties due to the spike in oil prices due to the sanctions imposed on Iran by US.