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Privatise discoms: N Chandrasekaran

N Chandrasekaran, Chairman, Tata Sons, supported the privatisation of power distribution companies, and also ensuring that every generation plant is operational to help the power sector. He also spoke about the need to address the roadblocks faced by distressed sectors such as the telecom and real estate. 

“You take the power sector. My recommendation would be that how do we ensure that each of these power plants in this country, no matter whose, how do you get it re-operationalised? How do you arrest the loss of discoms? We should privatise them,” he said.

Chandrasekaran also stipulated that the slowdown is creating a pressure on jobs, and while the cyclical issues ailing the economy get addressed, there are strengths on the structural front, like the demography, and also opportunities presented by technological breakthroughs, where India has the edge.