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Pandemic expedites ease of doing business plan

The disruptions induced by the covid-19 pandemic have transformed the way the government is doing business, encouraging it to adopt new strategies to mitigate hurdles. 

One such strategy is related to addressing the paucity of raw materials owing to the outbreak of the pandemic in China and the consequent overhaul pertaining to handling of cross-border trade. This was also one the areas which needed reforms according to the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Report. Thus, on 8th June, the experiment pertaining to faceless assessment in customs went live in Bengaluru and Chennai. At present, this endeavour pertains to mechanical, electrical and electronic machinery. This has been done to annihilate discretion in decision making, ensure physical distancing, saving the time & costs for importers and fast-track the clearance of goods in India.  

The government has also announced round the clock clearance of goods at all customs facilities, set up a single-window covid help desk, automated the release of all consignments, allowed provisional clearance of all goods with preferential treatment without the original certificate of origin.