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Medicine, food most shipped items in April: Study

The State of logistics in lockdown report by Shiprocket has revealed that medicines and food items were the most sold products across India in April. The report also added that 11% of the shipments comprising non-essential items were stuck in transit at hubs.

While medicines accounted for 80% of the overall shipments during the month, and groceries contributed 16%. This has been attributed to the fact that the government had permitted the shipment of only essential goods during the nationwide lockdown.

Further, the tech-enabled logistics startup also revealed that Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru topped the chart in terms of pickup and delivery. Next in line in terms of maximum pickups and deliveries were Hyderabad and Gurugram.

The findings unveil how the supply chain was disrupted despite a rise in demand for e-commerce deliveries during the lockdown and order fulfilment remained an industry-wide challenge. The cancellation of orders by customers owing to the fear of this contagion also hit the delivery of non-essential products.

“Now that the government has given the green light for the delivery of non-essential goods in several areas, we are looking forward to businesses picking up pace and resuming their growth trajectories, to provide a fillip to the logistics space,” stated Saahil Goel, chief executive officer and co-founder of Shiprocket.