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Lucknow’s Jewar airport gets international recognition

Being built by Zurich Airport International AG, Lucknow’s Jewar airport has been recognised in the CG LA Infrastructure list of the world’s 100 strategic global infrastructure projects for the year 2020. Renowned as Asia’s second largest international airport after China’s Shanghai International Airport, the airport is being constructed on 1,334 hectares of land from six villages of Rohi, Parohi, Kishorepur, Dayanatpur, Ranhera and Banwari. The Jewar Greenfield International Airport will be the 5th largest airport in the world.

It is being estimated that the government could earn more than ₹1.10 lakh crore from this project, being built with an investment of ₹30,000 crore. It will also generate direct and indirect employment opportunities for about one lakh people. It is proposed that flights from Jewar airport will start operating in 2022-23.