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Indian IT firms better paymasters than those in US

A report by market researcher IHS Markit has found out that Indian IT services firms in US are better paymasters than their American counterparts. India-based and India-centric IT firms paid US$ 96,300 on an average in 2017 for local as well as H-1B visa-holders software programmers. This was nearly 2% higher than the median wage of US$ 94,800. The study sponsored by software industry lobby group National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) surveyed data of 52 firms. 

Ray Wang of Constellation Research stated that “the report helps mitigate the image that H1-Bs are paid less”. The US administration has pushed an offer to boost minimum wages for H-1B visa holders in the US and announced multiple changes to the existing process to enhance scrutiny and promote local hiring.