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Huge digital trade opportunity for India by 2030

According to the recent findings of Hinrich Foundation, All India Management Association (AIMA) and AlphaBeta Advisors, digital trade is likely to create trade possibilities worth Rs 3,331 thousand crore by 2030. The report titled, Promise of Digital Trade for India stated that growth in value-addition to India’s domestic sectors through digital trade could be more than 14 times the current value by 2030. It also estimated the export value of India’s digital trade to grow by a whopping 238% by 2030.

 “Digital trade can have a huge positive impact on India’s domestic economy, with some of the biggest beneficiaries coming non-digital sector, in particular, from financial services, agriculture and food, infrastructure and consumer and retail,” it noted. However, the report clearly said that in order to realize this trade potential, conducive policy and regulatory environment are essential for cross-border data flows.