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H-1Bs usher faster earnings growth for US workers: NFAP

Latest research by the National Foundation for American Policy has revealed that employing H-1B visa holders leads to higher earnings growth for US workers. Based on visa data from 2005 to 2018, the study concluded that an increase in the share of workers with an H-1B visa within an occupation, on average, reduces the unemployment rate in that occupation. The study also disclosed that imposing curbs on the immigrant visa program would result in jobs being offshored, rather than being filled locally, it found, harming US workers in the same segment. 

“The study’s findings show it makes little sense to impose new restrictions on H-1B visa holders, since doing so is likely to push more work out of the United States and harm U.S. workers,” stated NFAP Executive Director Stuart Anderson.

Another research by firm found that the rate of unemployment for computer occupations declined to 2.8% in April even as overall unemployment increased. These revelations by this non-partisan, non-profit public policy research company come at at a time when US President Donald Trump is contemplating a ban on non-immigrant work visas, including the H-1B.