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Govt allows 13 consortia to operate drones

The Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) has granted exemptions to 13 consortia, including SpiceJet, ShopX, Dunzo and Throttle Aerospace, to operate drones on an experimental basis. Now, these companies can function without the need for unique identification numbers and operator permits till September 30. The endeavor will be a part of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation’s (DGCA) beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) experimental drone operations.

The pilot flights will be conducted in airspace approved by the Airports Authority of India only with rotary wing drones by trained operators under the supervision of a monitoring team. This development paves the way for piloting the use of drones to transport goods, once approved. While Dunzo and Throttle Aerospace have received the nod from the ministry, eleven out of the 13 consortia are awaiting final approvals from the DGCA. 

“It is considered necessary in the public interest to conduct the BVLOS experimental flights, even though the drones to be deployed for such flights may not meet the requirements of UIN and Operator Permit stipulated under Rule 15A of the Aircraft Rules, 1937,” the ministry had stated on 18th April.