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Donald Trump urged to ease H-1B curbs

A group of more than 60 US business school deans and CEOs have tried to persuade US President Donald Trump to reform the H1-B visa process and to do away with country-specific limits. The reason cited for this is that the country does not have the high-skill talent it needs and the drop in student admissions over the past three years is acting as a deterrent to get qualified immigrants into the US. The group also stated that the country lacks the capacity to train enough people with the required high-tech skills, and that this could hinder its economic growth.

Their letter stated, “The fact that our economy has created an estimated three million open STEM jobs is a positive. It speaks to the vibrancy and opportunities available in a healthy, growing economy. Yet the fact that those jobs are unfilled — and that the US is not producing enough people with the skills to fill them — is not just a negative, it’s a crisis. We are needlessly capping our growth and can do better.”