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Covid-19, a silver lining for IoT: Experts

Industry analysts opine that tech firms such as Infosys, Tata Communications, ThoughtWorks, Citius Tech and Hero Electronics are betting on the opportunities in Internet of Things (IoT) created by the Covid-19 disruption. This has been attributed to the fact that the pandemic will usher in new use cases for automation, which will be vital in enhancing production according to short term demand fluctuations and for adaptive manufacturing.

“IoT has always existed as an automation tool but this disruption will enhance adoption of IoT just like it did for collaborative virtual meeting platforms,” explains Alok Bhardiya, head (IoT Business Unit), Tata Communications.

Some of the new areas of application of automation that may emerge include: restaurants may have to attest to food quality in real time & hence, require portable food sample analysers that give instant reports; and automatic disinfectants as well as air quality and cleanliness indicators would be needed in hotels, gyms and movie halls. Further, “There is an expectation that a digital health passport will become mandatory for train and public transportation,” said Selvakumar Natesan, the lead IoT tech consultant at ThoughtWorks.