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Corona takes a toll on auto cos.

The automakers and electronic goods manufacturers of India are bearing the brunt of the rampant outbreak of Covid-19 virus as they now have to pay exorbitant rates to fly down spares and components from China and South Korea on chartered flights. At a time when many global airlines have all but stopped operating to these countries, chartering flights is the only option.

Cargo operators and freight forwarders anticipate an increase in the number of such flights, as well as the cost of chartering them, this month as the crunch in factories becomes critical.

“The usual prices are $220,000 per 100 tonnes of cargo flown. The special charter flights are charging at least 125% more,” Shailendra Seth, country manager at global air charter operator Chapman Freeborn, told reporters. He also highlighted that these flights have been commissioned mainly by Southeast Asian companies present in India.

To keep a check on the situation, India’s Ministry of Electronics and IT has asked the industry to provide it with a list of spares that are in short supply.